Sunday, 11 September 2016

Back Up Or Back Down

I'm not going back,
is what's said many times,
time has past;

Wait it is still present,
each old thought makes your
new future irrelevant.

Why speak on change
go back and do the same?
the more you go back to nightmares,
the more you let your forward dreams 
go down the drain.

Friends hold you back,
set the scene for a dream,
but will not help you progress through the act;

Family is the worst hold,
I came from a typical broken home,
told me I am worthless,
now I am worth more,
telling me it's them I owe,
I thank all my readers and strangers
who help me advance,
is because of you why I am on the up and go.

I say "once you go Mac,
you never go back" 
go forward like technology,
or stay stuck and repeat history;

Books I may go back in,
for they hold many messages,
not the ones you get on your 
smart phones, social media app tablets.

Many times,
many have gone back to bad habits,
knowing they had a good streak
with out such,
seems habits haunt and taunt, 
become a brick wall,
preventing you to climb up.

I love the notion of going forward,
in truth it makes life less awkward,
Forward is the only way,
it's like telling time
"can you stay"
earth "stop spinning for a day"
they are the teachers of such
should adopt this universal way.

I tend to go back,
but to finish a lost project,
or when I forget my USB
for the DJ in my music set,
but I would go back to my passions,
but never the pleasures of my EX;

We go back to EX lovers,
because they were
good under the covers
We go back to EX jobs,
knowing we hate our boss...
We go back to square one,
because we circle ourselves,
why we think heaven,
but end up living hell,
the only way is forward
so march on so you can

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