Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Let Me Paint You A Picture

What a morning,
wide awake,
far from yawning,
we wait,
we don't walk,
me and my daughter skate,
so we're never late,
until I hear

the tone I understood,
as I see what's up,
there she stood,
in the middle of a pool
of paint...

I need to go to work,
today looks like I have to
lose some worth,
this situation can't get any worse...

and it didn't,
I ring my work,
main manager is back,
she's used to excuses,
but how to explain this?

I'm stuttering,
huffing and puffing,
I wanna blow this house down,
but I'm pacing around,
she picks up, I keep it real,
she says take the day and chill,
I thank her for understanding
get back to this artistic spill.

In rage skin
uniform full of paint,
I work with children,
today I look like
I was a decorator
painting a building;

Looks like
a paintball fight,
I really wanna cry,
but I throw a tantrum
like I was five,
walking in and outside...

I can't look at my little lady,
my mind is going crazy,
I cant even clean her,
because my hands
clothes are worse;

I don't know where to start,
but I knew I needed a female,
to help me through this hell...


I get gods glory,
she comes in a older woman,
my mother archetype,
in another life
she would be my wife,
she gives me insight,
I'm still angry on the outside,
the floor starts to look cleaner,
the team work was just right,
I wanted to squeeze her tight...
and she also cleaned my little ladies
uniform... this woman is truly a
walking blessing in disguise.


Floor done,
thanks to my
Warrior Queen,
funny how such mess 
can make you realize how 
much more you got to clean...

So I get the yellow gloves,
a pink sponge and start:

Wash the dishes like a kitchen assistant,
3 day pile up... what a mission, 
playing draining board Tetris.

re wipe the bin and empty bag,
plus points now my girl can't nag.

wipe the surfaces, walls and even cooker,
today my girls getting the hook up.

re organised the tool cupboard,
more for me than she, but now it's empty.

sweep the floor,
then hoover it, then steam it,
fuck it,
I'm on a roll,
keep the flow.

I learnt a lot about myself,
I am unorthodox,
I clean simultaneously with
fairy liquid,
kitchen towel
a beat down cloth,
not O.C.D,
I just wanna finish the job.

Time 2.22pm still got time
to kick back and vent,
I can't believed this happened,
I lost a days pay,
cleaning on this hot day,
now I must stop writing
my victory I will celebrate;

With a celebrity,
a shot of Hennessy 
to Hail Mary,
a 4 hour mix of
you passed
20 years today,
Rest in peace,
kept my mind at peace,
I will end it here,
because I gotta get my daughter,
it's almost half past three...
the front room is a mess,
but compared to today,
it's clean.

"Princess, Now I won't tell
your mummy... I would say
your secret is safe with me,
but I just exposed it
to her and my audience
I will not hide it from you,
when you get home you give it a read"

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