Wednesday, 26 October 2016

When You Know... a poem to a lifetime soul

When you really know someone
I mean really know them,
to the level you can absorb
all their emotion,
you become their boat,
when they are drowning
in their tear ocean.

I know someone,
I've known them
since I was young,
every other memory I recall
is a memory of constant fun.

Our teenage years,
celebrated with spirits and beers,
smiles, parties with many peers,
long term happiness in the faces
when we all said CHEERS;

Hip Hip Hooray,
some friends went in between the 
hip of a ho blind by summers sun ray,
others followed hip hop samples of ray
made by Kanye, so they became collage
dropouts, but their life went down lane.

I knew these people as acquaintances,
not knew them like it was friendship,
because if you were to ask them for a
hand out, would take out of your hand,
knock you out with theirs and make an exit.

People like that
were his main influence,
I had not time
as I was in the parent mix
with two infants,
but none the less 
our connection was infinite.

He would come around,
I would still visit,
I was even happy when he
told me he had a new born
with a potential forever misses,
I met her a few times,
innocent acting, but she had
tendencies of a mistress,
remind me of these other Bit...
feeling bitter when I'm
writing this... SHIT...

When she left,
she done something to his head,
but I will not blame her...
I knew him, she used him,
she was ready for shipping,
now she jump ship,
to another cruising,
left his heart bruising,
because I met him as a winner,
I'm there
make sure he understands
that he is not losing;

But with that lost,
there was a cost,
everything from there
took a bigger drop,
it's like at this time of
life he's hit the bottom
and even gone beneath the rock,
because I know him,
I will be there to help him get to a top.

When you know someone,
you whatever what people say,
they are distant observers,
the ones that see a person,
that will cross the street
turn the other way,
I could never do that as this
person help me find my way,
if he finds himself travelling
the roads, he knows he's my home boy
and knows my home he can stay.

People know him for toxin abuse,
drink and drugs,
I know him for a lady magnet,
kisses and hugs;

That's all he needed not
pharmaceutical prescribed drugs,
now these drugs
have altered his mind,
although he still
has the same heart...

I know that,
but know one wants to know,
would rather throw him
in psychiatric hole,
who really doesn't know,
now he has lost himself,
can I act like it's the same boy
I saw in my growth,
only elements based on
our friendship code,
but in front of me his mind
slowly erodes,
but that does not mean
I cannot still see his true soul.

Do we really know anyone?
because in the mist of their misery
we tend to have fun and only think
serious about them when they are gone.

When you know someone,
you know them to their fullest,
if in trouble, 
would be their at the speed of bullet,
because if they take that train,
you knew them
will absorb their pain,
I absorb it because I knew someone
from the beginning of my life
and now they are at their end game,
because I know them at every level, 
I will play alongside them,
always loving them the same.

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