Friday, 11 November 2016

Apply Appreciation

Apply Appreciation, 
appreciation answers all, 
add appreciation 
and act appreciation, 
appreciate big blessing 
as well as the 
significant small. 
Acting like you appreciate,
convince yourself you want help,
when given... come back with the
same problems, you're nothing
but a human replay;

I see you in slow motion,
living fast days,
claiming long term changes,
but get high off
temporary praises.

One will guide unconditionally
on the condition you better yourself,
you're getting fed wisdom
take a bite,
because true words hold health.

Moments you will plead
for someone to listen,
they give you their time,
but you waste it,
so timeout, man up...
big men aint got time
for tantrums and all that
excuse making,
which comes with a side of bitching.

Come with higher gratitude, 
aint anybody gonna here 
your lower attitude, 
get high around me 
i'm going to take you 
to a higher altitude, 
when I'm buzzing 
I can get crude, 
appreciate the realness, 
because real can sound, 
but real is never rude.   

You bring big problems,
you're gonna get a realistic solution,
no fake opinions in my cypher
we're skipping all that confusion;

Appreciate my words,
although moments 
they sound harsh,
they're meant to get you ready
for tough times;
life is never that easy...
and if it is,
with easy come challenges
which become hard,
I speak close from the heart
I just wanna see you go far.

Don't push away the true,
and lean towards those who are fake,
those who seek fortune in your demise
and alter your belief and faith,
appreciate i'll always be there,
ima help you learn through each mistake.

Appreciate people who help,
because when they stop
and you start wandering,
there will be know one to steer
you on course and will be left
to walk a long and lonely trail.

you can show appreciation 
not only with words, 
it can be seen from your actions 
and your general application;
ingratitude is your ego... let it go... 
and embrace the power of 


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