Sunday, 20 November 2016

Generation Y? Let me question...

I am from 1985,
the generation Y
I have an X parent,
with X lovers,
because he did not
want a wife,
X and Y chromosomes
made me the man I am
today, let me say HI...

Y is kinda fly,
we have musicians that
challenge the X life,
the Z children are X factors,
manipulated by X contractors,
selling them dreams of lies,
Y they are the most sensitive,
the world is more competitive,
each "NO" leads close to suicide.

Y I feel privileged,
middle generation,
so we can distinguish,
the ones mistakes below
better it for the future kids.

People tend to ask
Y are we so cool?
Y are most rebels?
Y don't you want
to work in cubicles?
I don't know Y...
but Y would rather 
work for self,
than be lead in 
systematic circles,
X thinks we're spaced out,
but we trying to reach 
them stars like
Buzz Lightyear and Urkel.

I am happy to be part of
my generation, Y?
MTV sky, Nintendo 1985,
Interaction was live,
we played outside,
X had similar coding,
Z children remain in the building,
because of Y? The fear of parents,
which the silent generation have woven.

The Silent Generation thought
wars for the nation,
created secret services who
withhold information,
they are the secret behind war,
why most don't leave the door,
baby sat by the latest PlayStation;

Video Games...
Z was the trigger,
Generation Y pulled many of those,
to be the james bond winner,
X is on every joypad,
but not in their days,
a joystick and a one button hitter.

I cum from a generation where
we write whole words,
dis sentence is Z inspired,
B careful of da way U write,
cos U may nt get hyered...

None the less...

Z will be way ahead,
No doubt the future is theirs,
Y I will help them get through
these Y/X destroyed years,
We are no better
than our predecessors,
Most live out the same fears.

Y we are the echo boomers,
from our X mothers and fathers,
we echo the same parental Patterns,
Y we have so many X partners;

Y I do not want to copy,
I got one XX
I got one XY,
both generation Z,
they will continue my supply.

If X made Y
Y makes Z,
Z makes?

The equation that lies
for the next generations,
I can't wait to see,
I hope this poem I created
reaches the up and coming creations.

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