Friday, 25 November 2016

Health Debate... But Will You Change Your Plate?

Lets have a health debate...

I pull out some ginger,
eating it pure and raw,
this mother looked at me strange,
but I am an urban doctor,
it is you who needs discipline
and your habits need to change.

By your side you had a friend,
who was a lot above plus size,
I wanted to really really give her,
a piece of my ginger
a piece of advice like,
"Ginger suppresses hunger
helps you lose weight"
but such remark
would have ruined her day,
if I have to give info,
I would rather her be bitter towards me
not the diet I would put in place,
she looked the type to question
anyone under her weight;

Wait... I am a healthy skinny by DNA,
I can eat 3 full plates, 9 meals a day
and I would still look the same,
but I don't get that greedy,
I personally only eat one main plate,
snack on cashews, blueberries, a simple
vegetarian graze, no T.V dinner, reheat
yesterdays, I through out my microwave.

I do not judge health
by someones mass,
I have seen those
who look good on the outside,
but due to lack of health knowledge,
most peoples insides cry,
"No more food that's fried,
No more food
that is pump full of lies"
food is the bodies truth,
it's the taste that is the disguise;

M.S.G, most people order
because they are lazy,
don't want to build up
on their culinary,
their life insurance is in
the colonel's secret recipe,
it's no secret that it clogs your arteries,
or these days meat is full of mysteries,
you only become a body detective,
when something serious is detected
from your G.P,
like type 2 diabetes
coronary heart disease.

I am not a health freak,
nor do I condemn
those who eat meat,
I am the man who wants
to see your body indulge
in earthly treats,
lemon skin, avocado,
spirulina will cover most your needs.  

Funny the same mummy
stopped me, said,
"I had nausea"
googled for remedies,
and the top search?
you got it... GINGER...
a lost look no more,
she found information,
research made her the winner,
she should do that for breakfast
and even down to her dinner.

So let's have a health debate...

I recommend people fast
give their stomach a break,
stop treating your body like
a walking buffet,
it's not an all you can eat,
people have become walking gluttony,
never to know the meaning of being hungry,
still the organs play a sad melody;

"Feed us right now,
not just your stomach
your mouth,
in the end it all goes back out,
where is our input
to function your machine?
our favorite color is green,
stop your monounsaturated ways,
mono foods
feed us as a team,
because one day we may not
be able to play
stop working all together,
have an organ mutiny.

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