Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Misinterpret... Don't Judge My Worth On This Earth...

who knew it would
get to such an 
who knew
two words
would turn
to a warning,
but caution
should be
on those who are
in this new world,
as they rarely
know where they
are walking.

A poet by nature,
so I expect to get a hater,
I saw it coming,
as many parents of status
don't want to hear about a man
who is their child's main player;

Player in the sense
I teach them to skate,
taught them how to escape,
as much as he wanted his parents,
seems like they judged me
called a poetic mistake,
acting like
"Growing Long"
meant something more than I wrote,
as it was in a poetic state,
clearly he missed the quote...

They saw two words,
but not the sentences worth,
he was but another child who
had nothing but parents who work;

I let them know
their child's skills,
taught their child
about healthy meals...

but they take my
two words
out of context,
that shit made me vex,
the child saw my soul,
so I guess that's blessed.

I wrote a poem
as I always do,
but this message
was misinterpreted,
because these parents
are working 24 hours,
I was the new power,
knowing it was a black man,
made their perception more sour.

I would like to believe,
as these are parents
who never see,
would like a message
not just formal,
but through
a form of poetry,
but I was misinterpreted
as they misinterpreted
a rhyme pattern,
which as a writer 
I can see,
but are they not
aware of their history;

Growing Long,
Getting tall,
in other words
"You are getting bigger,
you could dunk a ball"
I had to deal with a man
who wants his son to ride a horse,
instead of a skate board,
send him to boarding school,
never learning about his child,
his little boy speaks of me highly,
but his father feels lowered,
so to him I am not cool.

I do not acknowledge race,
but never see me as last place,
I thirst for victory,
its second nature,
You make me want
to hate your race,
you misinterpret me,
but it is you who
seems misplace,
light skin, so have no
time for your sour taste.

A message that can be read
in many ways,
but his interpretation
makes me think,
what do you think
in these new days?
you're and old European,
it sucks when someone
sets up your child's talents,
come out of people
you still think are slaves;

But you're the slave,
working all night and day,
I hear your child's cry,
who catches their tears?
who lets them know
how to go beyond fears,
as well as
beyond their years?

Not you,
every other day
you're getting screwed,
just to get to the top,
unscrew that champagne top,
but the relationship
with your child seems to be lost;

I win,
but you think my skin
is a sin,
your child ignores such,
but you penetrate it like a girl
who says
but you are still persisting,
the ugly parts is that those...
I thought were beautiful... 
will agree due to a cliche
without any meaning,
the customer is always right,
but you were wrong,
but saw what he was seeing,
your thoughts only reflect
what is practice in a European...

Mind set,
you work,
I work,
economically more,
domestically I am pure,
you pay to throw him
at the door...

I got time for your child,
you got time for a Rothschild,
you teach him to be tamed,
I teach him to be wild,
Something you will never be,
something you preach,
but not what you will ever see.

I write because its my gift,
the cure is what you want to live,
death to your people,
do you hear me now...
maybe not... so use to the fake...
so may never know what is real.

"You can see
what you think,
when you are away,
I am close,
like a virus
attaching to a host,
it's the least I can do,
when you're not with
them the most,
I am their reality,
you're a 9-9 ghost,
I wait until their 18,
and let''s see the
choice they chose,
8 - 1... the first 7 years
are important 6,5,3,2,1
I work with all ages,
no religion, but I work with
you genes since they were 
in your stomach, 
the age of none,
enjoy your serious job
whilst I have fun.
raising your son"

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