Friday, 18 November 2016

Poetic Politics

Trump Card,
more likely the chump card,
idiots only vote,
especially for a celebrity,
but even if he was not,
politics is nothing but a show.

Trump Card...
vote for me,
Ima Level X Charizard,
I would topple his towers,
with such powers,
take his money
build one where we can
all reach the stars,
just a political fantasy,
let me stick best to what I
think people like and shed
a form of reality.

U.S is under stress,
I do not know why they elect?
They need to be careful in these times,
as your leaders are looking
to put you on civil rest;

Martial Law...
Project Jade...
FEMA camp...
are now finished and made,
Texas, Florida
are just a few of the states
who have a prison full of coffins,
surrounded by barbed wire and barricades.

I did not follow the campaign,
I am from the U.K and I heard
British people complain,
it's not even their burden,
I was like stick to the complaints
about the rain,
you semi-privileged people,
"I feel sorry for America"
like you can relate to their pain,
our political system is no different,
I don't see the change;

Obama was that slogan,
peoples situation only got worse
just stayed the same.

Numerology perspective,
let me be a number detective,
the day he got his victory,
11-9 let me mirror this number,
11-9/9-11, numbers may be money to you,
but to a higher force numbers are a weapon,
they are playing with universal laws,
but I will not cover that aspect,
thought i would just give it a mention,
most only care about corporal fabrics,
not the universe,
2D is most peoples dimension.

Race perspective,
I will start with the black,
like any president before him
he will keep you last,
no political leader has and never
will ever have your back,
to my Muslim brothers,
most of the sectors are taken,
leaving a few,
but they will use ISIS as a reason
to take these turfs...
Egypt and Iraq,

For his own people,
bring out their hidden racism,
maybe K.K.K will come 
back to fashion,
not like I would want to see such,
but his audience were those 
who don't know much;

Natives are slaughtered
for a new way of order,
100 million killed,
on top the U.S build,
this land was built on genocide,
taking families lives,
dividing and wiping identity
of the local tribes,
the same thing your new elected
is doing, your country is built on lies.

Enough of the lessons,
there is nothing I can teach,
it's all in front of you,
you have selected your shepherd
he will deliver to his sheep,
votes have been counted,
they awake to a new leader,
but still remain asleep,
I got love for people,
from the western all
the way to the east,
so to close up...
and give the good their deserved

"Your vote brings
you a placebo that you count.
but they do not count your life,
just their money, their power
ways to keep you high,
trump tower has an extra floor
intends to reach the skies"

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