Sunday, 6 November 2016

Squat Hop

I wake up in slow motion,
I watch Roger Rabbit,
as humor is a potion,
then chill out to a few
documentaries about
creatures of the ocean,
a little ritual I do to keep my calm
before the show opens.

Show time,
whens the last time
I staged a rhyme?

Practicing all week,
I don't want to sound weak,
but as soon as
I performed the song,
the crowd mad me and my team
feel strong.

The omens of a
winning night were in sight,
as my smash sister and I
win six in the row,
online on smash bros.

I had my precrew
5 of us
help me prepare,
you know how we do,
sipping on grandmas booze,
boxed in smoke, making jokes,
happiness and laughter
after every other toke.

Who was my heard;
AmremBER, S.L.P,
Halapeno and J.Bird,
these are the ones who
believe in my worth.

We headed East bound,
all troops gathered,
time to nail the show
as I am far from hammered.

We finally get there,
we missed the last train
to the main stop,
take a bus and then we bop,
I treat my dreams like a mountain,
I wanna see it all when I get to the top.

I see my boy awaiting my entry,
we walk in, performance entry,
that nice feeling of V.I.P,
Very Important Poets;

W15 in the house,
as our other member is awaiting
the DJ before we get on the set and play.

When I arrived,
the crowd looked light,
but filled up slow,
silhouettes to the back of the wall,
I get on the stage I feel tall;

Jump to the crowd,
revert to my original height,
but the crowd interaction
made me feel high.

Apex enters the building,
First and Last reunion,
now the whole team is
there, now to work in unison,
we are urban angels with
a message that can create a movement,
we have one sporadic poet, a story teller,
and one that has the power to
create a revolution.

2am we start,
I'm usually dreaming,
I was awake for this part,
make time to live your dream
let it fade away with the dark.

1st track,
was to get our vocals in tact,
2nd was my secret weapon,
a double time beat, where I had
to control the way I breathe,
3rd was an Omeza word,
a message about hip hop
to teach our new heard,
4th was the wise speaker,
although the track cut out,
acapella he dropped
and spoke like a true leader;

Skip to the 5th,
another Omeza riff,
I slow it down for the 6th,
to show the versatility in our mix...
Then the outro, drum and base with
a uptempo flow, my brother has asthma
and not once did this guy choke,
even after our set is done,
he continues to be the nights host,
we all done well,
but I have to give it up to him the most.

After the loud,
I have a quiet moment,
congratulations and appreciations,
from first time listeners,
individually we got told
that we were winners.

The overall night ends
with a pipe burst,
water filling the floor,
everyone rushing
to the exit door;

We exit to fog,
left how we came,
blue-tooth speaker
for the night train,
we are wide awake,
so awake we can play some game,
the time is 6am,
J.bird flies back to her nest,
and me and AmremBER have
a six hour rest...

As I awake with
a sense of new worth
all thanks to my crew
new found fans
who roam from different
parts of the earth,
that could not make that
Sunday morning
feel any more blessed,
word to my squat disciples
who heard our choir,
now that's what I call church :-)

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