Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Amster... Damn What A Journey (dick and jane)

"Dick and jane,
We get things done together,
Keep each other balance,
Even if our account is whatever,
Rents paid, foods ready,
So let's go on a plane wherever,
As long as you by my side,
We ride around the earths pole,
Hand to hand, earths ball is made of tether,
my travel buddy, I can travel with you forever"

Me and madam,
Long walks and talks,
No need for a tram.

Amsterdam bikes,
damn bikes,
walking dodgems,
we help each other dodge them;

Its like one person can
roll a joint,
the other person on the bike,
crush it,
the third person can light,
they do this by dodging busses.

We done the tourist vibe,
We go out there this time
Walking like its our life.

This city is known for it's green,
instead of smoking it,
I walked the Vondel park scene,
such place can enhance ones dream;

Dream I did,
and so did she,
saw a life of a midwife,
her career is a world wide industry,
she had visions of living,
as there she would feel more free.

It's rare we get a date,
she always studies,
I always work,
this time with her,
let me know
how much she's worth.

My budget queen,
I wanted to drink,
She kept me sober,
A private party,
No hype night life,
I had Victoria,
New secrets I can't
Share within this write.

She shops until I strop,
I want to go,
I got what I got,
Seems once a woman starts,
they just don't stop.

In one shop,
Nothing but video games,
I get into geek mode,
Dare I over spend,
Man I just got paid;

But I only get one top,
The Last in stock,
The girl when she showed
It to me my mouth just dropped,
She made my month,
She had a good ear,
Great customer assistance,
We shared the same vision,
I hope too see you again
we can wear
the T-shirt in unison.

We eat out there
how We eat at home,
I was by a healthy district,
So Took my pick,
Never over indulge,
Just stick to the budget.

On the last day,
We walked a mini hill,
Sunset, Malibu,
All in all a nice view,
The type of ending you
Can only have with your true;

Love you made the holiday,
I went their to think,
Thanks to you I got a new play,
The game will start slow
Like a snail in a cheaters race,
But like the snail ima finish,
But at my own pace.

I walk to the same place
3 times, hoping to meet the individual
who made my last visit,
last day, last try,
In gods fate I get to see the guy,
we instantly smile, like we've known
each other for a while,
he's gets so generous,
he gave me
a big gift bag to get high,
so big I was on the plane before
I touched the sky.

In the end the Amsterdam
dick and jane missed their train,
But we stayed on track,
We Ordered a cab
made are Way back,
We face a new future,
We will meet there again,
This place helped
us bridge a gap.

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