Friday, 16 December 2016

Don't Take Offence, Word Nonsense

She likes men
who drive ferraris,
who new his car preference
matched the same speed
in the bedroom.

I knew a woman
whose boyfriend
had a mini,
she traded it for a limo
because the driver knew how
to party.

She had a man,
whose viper was like a dodge,
had great perks,
but in handling he seemed lost,
like missing
even experiencing a mis-lodge,
she needed something with age,
like a cadillac sudan,
ridden by a mob boss.

A woman told me she
had a man like a volvo,
had his logo on every vehicle,
high safety standard,
many wanted his deal,
she didn't care
if she was the 16th wheel.

Some women drive manual,
they love the gear stick,
others like the engine to vibrate,
push and go automatic.

They made love in a horse,
now has a baby carriage,
they brought a range rover
and got married,
got a dog named rover
who was black,
to match the
car in the garage.

She only liked to be
picked up in cars,
tinted up windows,
so no one can see her sins
she put up her nose
multiple holes,
you know,
the life of them high
class secret hoes;

Some men
live the fast life
like formula one,
when they have burned out
they check the cockpit,
a blow out even they cant fix,
they referred him to a clinic.

I knew a man who
lives a life of luxury,
to me he is a ford,
simple for the economy,
no H.P living,
most are renting Mercedes
acting like they ball,
women say
"a man who has a big
car is compensating for
something else that is small"
I hear that through conversation,
but who am i to judge,
man... I ride a skateboard...

I'm board,
inspired two days ago,
I should have finished it in
full throttle;

Subject is cars,
so thats going to be hard,
B.M.X and stunt pegs,
no B.M.W, my daughter holds
on to me, we both get wet,
but let me finish this poem,
this car has come to a red.

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