Friday, 30 December 2016

In The Beggining There Was Three

In the beginning there was three,
in my middle it turned to nine,
we divide by three,
back to the original energy,
the source of my code
since 2003,
still in it together;

it's now 2017,
I have made no resolution,
but my main mission is to roll with
my brothers of revolution,
chaotic revolt,
no longer stuck in the mud,
it's our time,
to smash the state,
it's a 3 way rush.

I remember when we first met,
it was coming out of a car radio set,
a speech full of wisdom
I will never forget,
pure flowing amongst lost souls,
for west side of london,
it was mainly you two that rep.

Word love to Apex,
who traveled to the east,
came back with
more wisdom,
doubled the vision,
walked the mission,
doubled his steps,
like he has four feet;

I felt six feet deep,
until the day he
made me believe,
I the Morpheus,
him the Neo,
I can see his prophecy,
he will fulfil it
all will be how it's
meant to be.

Omeza gave me
a list of beats,
these gave me more reasons
to seek, hidden meanings,
emotional expressions,
this help me dig deep,
so I was far from six feet,
I had my own triangle,
we're the triforce,
the power and times three.

Apex was my
first collaboration,
Omeza inspired
my bars with his beat,
which unlocked
a hidden creation,
I guess we were destiny,
why I am close to my
destined destination.

We are three personalities,
who connect with multiple realities,
because we give the real
instead of sell people fantasies.

I loved watching you lot perform,
mosh creating, beats were blazing,
once apart of the crowd,
now on stage with you two,
such an honour to have such a crew,
you lot are one of the reasons why
most of my waking days feel amazing;

"Like the neighbourhood Spiderman"
Common ground,
Wu Tang Clan,
ask us our best rappers,
Jedi Mind Tricks,
Suns Of Man,
Hornets current best,
Ab Soul, Lupe and Nas,
they deliver dope words
by the gram,
it took me weeks to come
down from one hit,
I am an addicted fan;

I can be a fan
to others all day,
but it's time
to bring the heat
with my team,
like miami roster
of 2013,
the ultimate dream,
we live in a state,
who are not golden,
where we have to be warriors
like, Curry, Durant and Green.

I have always felt alone,
no more as these brothers
help me find a tone,
I became more out spoken,
I developed a built in gramophone,
waltzing with my words
with others outside of my local zone,
its because of them,
my creative skills have grown.

For years
I have question peers,
like what's the definition of sincere,
you two have gave me more answers than
questions, so I guess our connection is crystal clear.

You lot are first and last,
I would like to first thank you
on this last line,
I am thankful we met
in this life time,
we are the ultimate trinity,
the father, the son and the
holy spirits of virtuous rhymes.

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