Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Opposite Forever We Stick

He's my opposite.

I'm small,
he is tall.
but he use to give me piggy backs,
I felt a giant amongst the school.

In school,
I got straight F's,
he got straight A's,
but he would help me with
homework along the ways.

I am black,
he is white,
the light to my dark,
the dark to his light,
reflect off each other
like water to the moon,
yet he is a star at night.

I was born
in the summer,
the winter,
me july,
him december.

I was brought up in a single home,
he came from a family environment,
so substituted what I missed,
he became my brother
from another mother,
he looked out for me,
especially in school,
you could say he made me smarter.

where do we meet
in the middle?

He was on top set,
me at the bottom,
we would meet at break time
back in the form room.

We both were
top tier funny,
1st and 3rd of the year,
our laughter made people tear,
it made people cheer...
clap during assembly,
created a Mexican wave,
Influencing our peers.

I write
he writes,
he writes scripts for BBC
me life raps and poetry.

Our other middle ground,
we can eat forever
our waist stores the waste,
stay the same weight,
his height puts him in middle,
my height puts me in feather;

Like two birds of a feather,
him the dove,
me the Raven,
still sitting,
rapping at his door,
our friendship is here
forever, we celebrate
in memories of laughter,

"Opposite forever we stick,
earth is our middle ground,
I am glad I met you,
happy memories 
from the playground,
see you in the middle soon,
until then I will stay tune"

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