Saturday, 21 January 2017

Authority Antidotes (A.A Poetry)

Authority figures,
authority that make
us spend figures,
another court case lost,
let alone the cost,
another loan I have to take,
and have to take overtime,
he is also my authority,
man I hate my boss.

Bossed around at home,
she picks all the decoration,
all the things we want are out
Oh... and she picked the windows,
the wardrobes and my damn colognes.

I want to run my life,
in some areas they have authority
chasing them half the times,
if they're to lazy to run,
pull out a gun,
authority above them give them
authority to justify these crimes.

Authority is given to the wrong people,
bankers give authority to give you mortgages,
any payments missed,
authority of material welfare come
A.K.A bailiffs,
then the bank authorise you bankrupt,
because they were a corrupt
adding to a stream of bad luck.

Authority to a nation,
this caused power struggles
power complications,
people are continuously authorised
to bring other countries to a demise,
then other authorities protect these lies,
swindle media, so they're authoritative
in what they televise.

Authorities in industry,
food being the biggest enemy,
they have the authority over my health
as well as the cure,
can I trust my local pharmacy?

Authority in the schools,
teachers have the authority
to grade who is smart
and assume who are the fools,
not a stupid genius who does not
want to follow rules,
but when he get's older
has numbers longer than your
current school line,
still fronting in front of students,
and his life turned out fine,
do not categorise students
try and put them in directions
to inspire their unique mind.

Authority in politics,
giving men power over
our right to existence,
it does not matter if someone
votes left wing,
because we are at the centre
of their decisions,
popularity is counted,
not the ballad box,
where we believe
we make a difference,
soon we will not give
power to these people,
it's time for us to take
on a new vision
without a politician.

Authority in control over
how many children you can
have in your building,
destroy families via child
trafficking, false marrying,
a world where women have
no authority is kind of saddening,
well from where I am standing,
women are in a position
of playing submissive,
they're happy to just be a mistress,
but some women have authority,
they don't play when
they get the whip,
I respect strong women,
please don't lose all what
makes you seductive,
do not become a man
who believes power
is the only trip,
but you know that though,
how many have fallen
to one knee proposed their love,
saying without you they cant exist.

I am an indigo,
my aim is to bring down
set figures, I know I need figures,
or a million me's too rid of these fibbers,
I do not have the authority to serve true justice,
I will leave that to the league of angels
authorised by gods message.

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