Monday, 2 January 2017

Critic... Poetic Script...

Criticise my life,
without judging yourself,
your life must be made up,
even the mirror hides you well.

Criticise everything
in your life,
from the internet connection,
to the connection with your wife,
and a critic never admits their wrongs,
it seems once they speak,
all is finalised. 

Critics tend not
to be constructive,
they're here
to be destructive,
make others who try
feel obstructed,
only here to create behind
the scenes ruckus.

You critique my food,
you critique the way I move,
why critique everything I do?

Is it because you
don't do much?
thus there is nothing
more to judge?
Is it because you were
hated so much,
you find it hard
to show love?

Critics run in hyena packs,
as they could never take
the stage alone,
just laugh when you walk past,
as a lion I know I am going back
to a throne, their going back
to a laptop to write a review,
virtual Simon Cowell clones.

A critic has no limit,
but limited when you ask
them to try and to do it,
then they have a
barrage of excuses.

Some critics can
make you stronger,
other critics
make your day longer,
critics are the balance
to those who appreciate
give you honour.

Like fans,
critics like to listen,
but only looking
for the pessimism,
negativity is all
that is written,
majority are critics to others
because they have no
personal vision.

Critics are amongst
your peer group,
who point out the
floors in you,
never under your ceiling
but can seem
to paint you,
critics within
your workplace 
because you
don't share
the same view,
it's like they know
you know 
they're brown nosing,
wanna be number, 
but has to wipe
his bosses number two.

For a critic everyday
is a judgement day...
they believe they are god,
they we're taught how to
fish the internet,
their bait was hate
and artist were
at the end of the rod.

A critic can stick it,
i'll just stick up my fingers,
they point it all day,
it seems they always
have something to say,
to the trolls under
the comment session,
I hope your keyboard

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