Sunday, 8 January 2017

Girls up and coming, I'm bring one up

Future of my princess?
before I determine that,
let me look at the now
see where this thought
will progress...

many women
have progressed and climbed,
but just as much
sell sex
morally have declined.

So many generations
to speak and reference,
each with unique minds,
let me start with my little
ladies, they are rising in this
time, let me try and explain this,
so pardon me if I do not rhyme.

2009-Current generation,
they are very good actresses
and have a wild imagination,
Elsa is their main idol her image
has not frozen yet,
as she taught them
to let it go,
they sing and dance and only
want a princess wardrobe.

The tablet children,
oh how they love the screen,
I hope they don't become cyborgs
by the time they're in their teens,
they have such beautiful
human personalities,
Le Hornet says
"may you get to live your dream".

these little ladies are really brave,
I see them in the world of skates,
taking drops, getting back up,
mothers fear is not dominant in
their expression, for they found a
way to deal with this current aggression.

These girls are fast,
they put in all their heart,
if they are  not academic,
they tend to be good at art,
like any girl when they are ready
to learn, they will start, by the looks
of things these girls have big dreams
and I see the majority becoming stars.

These are ladies with  an artistic mind,
they are very expressive, reassured of
who they are, because of their mothers
experience, most keep their hearts protected;
they speak with passion and have a unique sense
of fashion, these girls have found ways to achieve,
because these young ladies are all about action.

I actually have not met many so will
skip this year and move into the children
of the 80's, generation me;

The 80's ladies,
the one who gave birth to most of
these princess babies,
Beyonce was the Icon,
independence was pushed,
and so were the men,
these women had no time for
boys, most these ladies
leased, if not brought
a Mercedes Benz.

Seems like women are
Starting to rule the world,
So do not fear
My little girl,
Heaven is in your time,
Men have raised enough hell.

But daughter...

That's as far back
as I can go...
But daughter,
this is your pre-diary,
a quick time chart flow,
these are words 
for the future you
I have many more 
to help you grow.

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