Wednesday, 11 January 2017


No No No...
Who is this woman, 
how did she get in my bed?

Man what am I going
to tell my wife, 
how much did I have to drink
last night?

This woman looks familiar,
But she isn't mine,
I knew I should have stuck to beer,
Why did I sip that wine...

Now I'm really done,
Even if we did,
I don't remember the fun,
It must have been that vodka,
Mixed with rum.

Ima creep downstairs and make a 
breakfast... maybe the smell of a 
fry up, will wake her up. 

How do I explain this to my 

I know I'll...

Tell her she was a homeless
woman who needed a night. 
NA... she will call prostitute.  


She got lost and knocked the
door, she had wet clothes...
NA she will still think whore.

Why oh why,
now I am cheating guy,
excuses are hard 
man I find it hard to lie...
but I love her...
in mid thought heard
"Hey honey are you alright,
Something smells nice"

"I have something to tell you
About last night... I... I...
the thing is...
I think I gave another
woman a kiss...

you with me all night
man were you pissed,
I wanted to
but you were to tired
to get your soldier to lift"

So who is the woman up stairs?
I came from upstairs out of the
bed, wash my face, know one is here...

He took one look
 at the pillow case,
he wondered...
how did she leave
why did she not take her face,
then his wife said,
"I will clean that, 
I forgot to wash my mask
So let me deal with that pillow case"

He looked in shock 
as he has never seen her
with such camouflage, 
but he felt relieved
at peace in his heart,
then said...
"You are my sweet cake,
make up makes you look
like a tart"

They looked at each other
had breakfast
both laughed,
re-caped about last night,
relieved it was a mistake in identity,
for the make up had stole his wife. 

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