Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mannequin "Word" Challange

"Mannequin challenge,
Let me just freeze,
Stand still, but wait,
Weight does not stand still,
If it does, it's because set individuals
Have discipline and will,
The world seems less human.
And seems more
plastic industrialised than steel,
Shapeable vampires looking for
Their next augmented meal"

oh so slim,
I am not that thick
to believe that
I would be that thin,
I come from a culture,
where we treat
our body like a bin,
So many want to be that
mannequin that does
the ballerina spin.

don't deny plus size modules,
in a plus size world,
people basing their image
on a plastic girl,
Men want Mannequin women
like Kim Cattrall,
just know...
your body is divine
plastic will melt in hell;

"Be come
love your body"
it does not matter if you are
not a silicone copy,
just get someone who appreciates
your clay, you know what they say,
"everybody needs somebody"

So let that body be yours,
not the ones in window stores,
a man should love you for your cause,
not how you look in Victorias draws.

Debenhams big up
the plus sizes,
I gotta big them up,
like the economy,
weight drops and rises,
it's a waste of time,
just put time in to get
your waste your tightest.

Man... Doctor Quinn,
I need medicine,
I'm sick of all these women
Who speak with synthetic intentions,
Injecting the ideal 
to be happy with your body 
too low confident adolescents,
Speak first on health lessons,
Not implant external obsessions.

Plastic mean girls,
They even turned out Cady,
So easy influence once
You step into that reality,
You forget how real you were
To be part of the popularity.

It's okay to look dull,
but not make a mirror a doll
as you bury your soul
through the glass
at the plastic in the window.

I need not a mannequin,
but a Harley Quinn,
to burn all the stores,
make love,
amongst the fumes of paraffin,
a message to say love yourself
from within, to be less than that,
well... is fake... just keep it real,
be comfortable
love your god given skin.

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