Monday, 30 January 2017

Rooster new year (15 stanzas 15 days)

Happy new rooster,
I have a son who is a rooster,
I am an Ox,
Me and the tigress are
Cooking with Chinese stocks,
Whilst the rat is on the iPad.

They prepare before
the new year by
"Sweeping The Dust"
me and my tiger naturally partook,
you know children are us,
even they get involved,
emptying their room,
their old enough to use a broom,
but it get's so dusty,
short cut, we use a vacuum;

I spring clean twice a year thanks
to this celebration,
get rid of the old,
go in with new space,
but don't fill it quick
with material,
but the other "M"
you know meditation.

They also hang pictures,
the best I got is Bruce Lee
posters, memes and stickers;

The whole meal is green,
we oven the spring rolls,
cook a mock chicken to add
To the cuisine, nothing to lean,
more light so I can digest right,
Bruce lee film is on the menu tonight,
Way of the dragon,
I have some in my class,
The believe in teamwork,
why the dragon almost came last,

the rat outsmarts the Ox,
theirs no donkey in the zodiac,
but the rat took me for an ass...

We celebrate for 15 hours,
although it's 15 days,
fire crackers by the thousands,
sounds like hand claps,
lions dancing around it,
the security guard prompting
the felines to bridge a gap
before your nike paws turn black.

Like the rat in my life,
she plays with the tiger,
she uses the Ox
to get above the rooster,
but I am cautious
she ain't running games,
she won the race,
this time no booster.

The tiger wanted to take out,
I wanted to stay warm,
so I brought a spicy pepper
to compliment this icy weather,
plus we can keep extra warm together.

Chinese Crackers,
Vegetable tamperer Batter,
rice ball with seaweed
pancake platters;

Yum Yum,
on the last day
of the new year hornet
will be getting
Dim Sum.

Tolerant tiger,
as I am the lazy Ox,
but moving in
but work was equal,
cheers to both
of our condiments.

If only we could dance,
she loves to,
tigers are confident,
Ox are distant,
I will watch you from a far,
seductive dance
will get me in a trance
as I glance in your eyes
twinkling like a star;

Star sign cancer,
Me a leo,
Affection I desire,
She massages my headaches,
No need to massage my ego,
I can do that as I am the sun
and can compliment my own glow.

Ox seems it will have a good year,
key word no fear,
stay individual,
but still help out a peer,
but me I wanna be on a boat,
looking at a pier,
time to cross the stream
to live my dream,
I feel that I am near.

the celebration is
no where near over,
but this poem is,
may the fire rooster
burn your desire,
happy new year,
wait... let me research now,
google.. translate... oh,
new year goodness,
Xīnnián hǎo

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