Monday, 16 January 2017

Virtual To Real

I played all
the Mario Karts
now on number 8
I came 8th twice,
I wonder if it's
a part of fate,
if I went back to 1,
would I have won,
probably not,
after the first race,
I excepted the outcome,
that this is clearly
not crazy taxi
Sega's outrun.

From Mario Kart
real life kart,
never drove a car,
I feel nervous
excited to start,
no one pictures me driving,
skateboarding is my art,
yellow is my favourite colour,
I am called the local Bart.

I go fourth to the block,
I am probably more happy
the fact I can stop,
because who came behind me,
crashed, he left a ripple effect,
I was like "O.K burnout revenge"
but forgot about revenge as I had
the need for speed
as soon as the lights drop,
especially when I heard I had to
race against the clock...

First corner
came with ease,
just like the game
second corner I slide out
blocked kart number 3,
but by the 3rd round,
I had found my control,
beating my old times
with a breeze.

I remember passing my lady,
so cute and safe,
as I lapped her and thought,
if she's ever drunk
I can drive,
I would not be a good
candidate to designate,
you would probably
get home secure,
better than me in such,
than my sober state.

I am causing congestion,
people frustration,
road rage,
I thought it was just a race,
but competition is higher
in others,
me I just want to participate.

I remember over apologising
for making first time mistakes,
during game time,
their is no forgiving,
I saw by the looks
on their face, thinking,
"who invited this guy to the birthday"
It look like they were even thinking,
"better not give that dude some cake"

Intermediates can be so bitter...
I mean for a beginner,
I do not expect to be a winner,
but better than that,
I mean on Mario kart
me and link
would eat people online for dinner.

I remember before
my best round
only two believed,
they said a few words,
I went from position
nine to five,
by the last race I thought
maybe I could make it
to the top three.

So was the final,
everyone gassed,
well electric,
I am first on the block,
I start with fire,
by the second corner,
red light, behind me I
hear the sound of a traffic disaster,
a domino effect when one crashes,
the others follow after,
we drive back to the pit,
get a verbal warning,
I be like whatever man,
I was nothing to do with it,
like the class smart kid
doing ad-libs behind miss.

Well is that the reason I miss
my goal,
I came last in the final pole,
I was like no... no... no...
I felt better in my flow,
how was I this slow,
I demand I rematch,
but it was the final go;

So we went,
for a late night meal,
laughter, brandy
who was the best
on the wheel,
I was voted most dangerous,
I thought I was more chill,
they saw G.T.A
my ego saw a potential
G.P formula one Hamilton deal
with a house on the hill,
maybe the drink got to my head,
I better go to bed,
but before I do...
Mario Kart with the girlfriend
to get the man in me back on full rev.

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