Saturday, 18 February 2017

Power You...

Find your power?
it's already there,
you just have to 
make it clear;

Clear your mind,
your heart will naturally flow,
because once you 
are sure in your mind,
your heart will 
automatically know.

Believe in what you can't see,
if your future is empty,
fill the space with 
infinite possibilities.

Remember child hood?
when all dreams 
were boundless...
no limit, 
no walls, 
before the 
office rules,
twas you're voice, which
had power.

We age quicker than our fantasy,
by the time we want to live it,
get taken over by a cliche reality,
never knowing the feeling of having
it how we want it too be.

Your power is in trusting what you are,
not how you want to fit in,
as long as you wear yourself,
meaning the power within,
you can never lose anything,
but forever gain and win.

Remember if you fail,
it is that inner strength that
helps you get back up,
the power that says,
"don't stay down in the mud,
wash that dirt off you,
try again.
clear your mind,
next time it won't be so hard"

Power can be used to protect,
but if you do not defend yours,
you will find your power goes
too a lost cause. 

Power given to others,
trust their are many 
energy vampires,
when your passion 
boils in your blood,
you lost so much,
so can't work on yourself, 
because you're fatigued and tired.

Power needs to charge,
but if our batteries are given
to exhausting jobs,
then the power we have is the
power we forget and discard;

Charge it with training,
mental and physical,
Charge it with imagination,
by doing that you keep it the more real,
charge it like 3 episodes of dragon ball Z
and find your true Zeal. 

Your power is 
with you forever,
all it requires is
for you too make it better,
and you will be one with yourself,
when you two combine together.

"My power is 
more like Spiderman
I am friendly in my neighbourhood, 
web people together, 
small, so agile by nature. 
But my main power is the
power of my words, 
because it is they
who start off the process 
of belief and keep my life
high like the birds"

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