Monday, 6 February 2017

Word High, Wise Between The Lines

How many work
for the Steak?
take sacrifices
like Christ on the stake?

We all don't believe in God,
it is seen most men are like Dogs,
never question what made our bones,
only chasing to bone,
root Chakra out of sync,
how many will get to the crown,
kings of our throne?

Shadow wars,
me against the wall,
I against I,
not eye and eye,
we don't see each other,
same shadow,
but you still kill a brother,
the race is getting weak,
every week I hear another;

News story,
they bore me,
I watch for current events
on a channel called RT,
they go way beyond the celebrity,
get as close to the dirt
than other stations will ever be,
left wing, right wing,
most just want a
chicken wing
from a tub of K.F.C, 
as they scoff and spit,
disagreeing with the T.V,
I'm on the angels wing,
Spreading the divine word 
via the spirit of G.O.D.

A world where there is
beauty to be hold,
but ugly tends to unfold,
we join the social control,
forget we were free
we even had a soul,
weighed down by pressure,
forgetting we can float,
but it's sink or swim,
a guardian angel,
but no lifeguard,
as most just push
each other off the boat,
I would rather surf the cloud,
writing divine notes,
let them rain on those who seek
inspiration via quotes of hope.

I am part human,
I love this experience,
so much to learn to take
into my after deliverance;

I do not dread such day,
the judge will be dredd,
I must repent
except the punishment
for my earthly ways.
if I am written back here,
I will repeat until I learn
from them mistakes,
I want to be
Before Christ,
After Death,
a First supper
as soon as I leave my
Last resting place...

Rest In Peace.
Na... let me
Rest In Pace,
Rest In place,
Restless In Position,
Restless Insomnia Premonition,
although it's late,
to my mind it's day as I
see my future in a clear vision.

I'm more alive
in a world that's online,
dead to people
I meet in a line,
if you speak in real time,
it's harassment,
being verbal seems
to be a crime,
I have heard of political prisoners,
politicians are free to speak,
I say, for every lie they convince us
we will be, but never are,
they should pay a fine,
men in suits should not
be allowed to becloud
their laws, create nuclear rain,
blocking our
daughters or sons shine.

For the children...
I write for the unborn,
The young ones that are torn,
I wish they spent more time,
but they want them wireless,
micro chips, quick cut,
no connection
with their umbilical cord.

A world full of life,
We must empty
the place with those
who bring death,
not with protest,
But a new type of fight,
It requires us to become
a collective,
we need passive
Play our part until we
get this earth right. 

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