Friday, 24 March 2017

Fake News.. Real Time Views

Fake news,
wait let me start with
my experience....

Pre 9/11,
more focus was
on the blacks,
Post 9/11,
new focus,
muslims involved
in terrorist attacks.

Fake news
feeds on our fears,
fake news only appears
when we're in a
state of cheers;

Hip hip hooray,
we got back the U.K,
Teresa May...
you have a 12 point plan
to separate,
it seems you want
to force us to segregate,
you're a goat sacrifice,
I feel you are the devils
waist and waste,
using religion
race to (e)scape.

Religion or Race,
they report what
they run for,
all we can do is see
who wins,
we just tend to
vote and applaud,
but when they bring
their act to the stage,
we don't want to uproar,
nor question our reason
for letting such people
in the door;

As we hide
behind ours,
watching lies that
feed our fear
increase their powers,
watching their war
as our peace decreases
through the hours.

Shout out to John Pilger
Who was down on the ground,
catch him digging deep,
rooted in the local town,
journalists these days dig deep,
hacking your phone
and email account,
lazy journalism, social media,
google search is part of the reason
most don't get around.

News is so make believe,
they make us believe,
It's our watching why
governments achieve,
we are looking for facts,
but all they sell us is disney.

News does not inform,
Just a platform to warn
us about the latest reform,
and a little weather,
even then they 
can't predict a storm,
yet they are 
predictive programming
the same images,
but a modern day desert storm,
cold wars, like war is the norm; 

Crazy to me...
most are lazy...
to invest in truth,
they would rather
watch and project
what they see in a tube,
weather it's theirs or on you...
L.C.D, computer screen,
information is filtered so the 
real issue never gets through.

Fake news
gets our real views
can be reel views...

Green screen,
chrisis actors
whose opinion
continues whilst we dream,
Psy-op experts with
psychologist on their team.

Alternative media
for the alternative thinker
that's where I source my info,
I do not have to watch it
for breakfast, lunch or dinner,
I give myself a break
from their air wave,
thinking in a blue sky
will only make it clearer,
they paint the picture,
so what ever cracks they have,
let us be the filler.

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