Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hornet feels like writing...

You're trying to
break me down...
man you better
fix yourself up...
your foundation is
the reason why 
you look like dust...

Tell me
I think too much,
but you think too less,
that's why your mind
has turned to mush;

Trying to get them peas...
you're part of a work pod,
hot in the office block,
air con is exclusive to the boss,
as you and your colleges fight
for air in the cubical box.

Hey it seems
crazy is sexy,
being the same
is unattractive,
but women go for the
same men all the time,
I will never know why
they repeat such habit,
they like them serious men,
not someone who can make
them laugh like Roger Rabbit.

Most are not actors,
but tend to act up...
In the
Lust Lights
C.C.T.V Camera,
Authoritarian Action,
around the corner of
every club is a cop
waiting for a bust,
you can see so much
action just waiting for a bus.

Why must you say
more than you do?
Spend less time speaking
more time being.
I'm glad your seeing...

My words come to life,
can you see the
manifestation breathing.
are you even
breathing right?

So strange you know
more about me than me,
if you look closely 
you will see,
there is not much similarity,
how can something
trivial as color
separate us in this reality?

Seems like race
has no place
In a world which is
becoming mix,
the roads will be walked
by rainbow children
with multiple ethnicity
as they wear
the new DNA helix.

Who is the mother
of my children?
she will be known
as a Maya Indian,
she has high intuition,
great determination
supports my dream vision,
I feel I made
the right decision,
without her I may have
failed my earth mission.

I'm sick of the guy
that will cry because
he never got a
piece of her pie... 
my adviser is go fish,
but it seems the sea
is getting empty because of
let down feminist.

I felt like writing,
like forest felt like running,
I did not finish this,
but thought I would
to chill out music,
with my multiple muses,
this is my gift
like the green lantern ring
it chooses...

I was chose to write
metaphors and prose,
poetic notes,
to inspire and encourage 
personal goals,
to be a DR to those who tend
to lose their throats,
my words are medicine
you can never overdose.

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