Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mental Health...Don't Put On A Shelf

"Call me Tyler Durden,
I fight with myself,
yes it's a burden,
it's my club,
what's the first rule?
don't follow the rules society set,
it is because of them
why we are not common folk,
but forever a common subject"

Mental health,
who is really unwell?
the mind of the mad man...
what you may consider hell,
may be heaven in his world.

You judge what
you don't know
and speak on
what you heard,
the voices get
in your head,
to me that's crazy
to let someone speak,
when they don't know
about the subject.

Media aggravates
more stigma,
why its so hard to tell
someone when it does trigger,
movies exaggerate,
they make mental health patience
look like a sinner:

Believing the doctor
is the saint,
because medication
is the new paint,
the prescription is
a white wheel, no brush,
just a jacket of restraint,
no expression, no complaint.

My teachers thought
I was crazy,
as well as many friends,
because my thoughts
did not match what people
were following in the ends,
I set more
I rarely followed trends,
it was crazy how people
would line up for material,
setting up night tents.

What to call myself?
let me diagnose;
I am random inspiration,
more than one voice
helps me write
rap these flows... 
depression can kick in
when i miss certain goals,
dreams are my hallucinations,
which come from my soul
I believe in something divine,
it's not always me in control.

What's Crazy to me?
sitting down
channel surfing,
over web searching,
over working,
justifying your life
by ways of what your earning.

D.M.S, new upgrade
to every new way,
symptoms seem like
traits we all can go through
day to day,
they mistake emotions
with intellectual word play.

I know a few,
who go through,
days that are
a clouded view,
clouds have many shapes,
you could never
see what others do.

Families who claim normality
seem abnormal,
no patience, no support,
just give them to a
professional or a correctional,
but never answer when they call,
they need your voice,
your love and your all.

Sit long enough,
ignore their mind
remember your love,
don''t be distant,
give them a hug.

Don't underestimate their state,
these people can be very great,
artistic, autistic,
dare you judge them by one trait?
it's your judgments
that determine their fate,
so change your view early,
before for them... It's too late. 

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