Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Father And Children Wash Three By Three... Hooray...

First the sink
then the hot water
the job would have been
much harder,
if not for my son and daughter,
team work, made this dream work
or reality would have
felt like a cow to the slaughter.

Bad days with bad children,
would have shook the building,
but we work in sync,
in the end we all were just chilling. 

I wonder Why me?
Funny looking back,
I am a fire sign,
water is my opposite,
good and bad,
but the luck lies in
the last few homes,
it seems like a curse,
but in this case
my children are the gift. 

No heating,
I am but a man,
well at least I paid the rent,
so we still got a ceiling,
but it's cold as a cellar,
with no warmth to measure,
the only way I can get warm now,
over heated is in my girlfriends pleasure.

No need to be crude,
I am confused,
no electrician
nor plumber,
just a skater,
part time type of dude.

Mission one,
it's a burger night,
me and my daughter shop
for the salad and bun,
still have to meet my son,
no key, put the "Y" in front of the "E"
that's his name and today proved such
with this three way team.

Mission two,
pots full from
last nights stew,
man what to do?
answer... children I have,
years apart, round up... just two,
the job got done like a F1 pit crew.

Mission three,
I got to do my home work,
but instead I am writing poetry,
god send an angel,
Huh... whats that noise...
did you actually hear me? 

At the buzzer is a
Plumbing Prophet,
If god had clothes
I would call him
Gods right pocket,
he help me un-block
thank god he lives in my block,
he help me get my hot water back
speed up the blockage.

After he Departs,
Before... Crisis,
I got the plan in motion,
before the midwife gets home,
I am:
playing chess,
my princess is practicing singing,
whilst I am writing this...

I go to the bathroom sink,
My daughter holds the shower,
My son transfers it back to the rack,
That's what I call three way power.

This is an example of a family
skate pool,
we move fast and we keep our cool,
as annoying as this is,
we end up working,
then have fun,
Mario kart, we were called for
duty, no games with a gun,
just a family race,
we vary on who comes number one;

Together we are the champions,
like the mighty ducks,
if we entered the N.H.L,
we would have
many Stanley Cups,
word to my two extensions,
who help me wash pots and cups,
we are a unseen team
we are in sync
with each others love.

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  1. haha bro the plumber prophet! sick poem, I am the same - anything goes down I'm looking to get super mario in to help.