Tuesday, 7 March 2017

We all know an "I KNOW"

We all know a
"I know"
Funny when you ask
them to elaborate,
Come out with nothing,
or a quick Cliché...

No reference,
not even a
personal experience,
what they claim to know
came from another
persons deliverance.

I know you know
because you got an "A"
A for Academic...
means even if you pass
every class for the system,
you know nothing
that goes beyond it,
you just another over studied
individual and will always
have limited knowledge.

I thought I knew it all,
my father pass down
some useful knowledge,
I thought I was ahead of school,
but realised I had so much more
to learn, the reason why to
this day I remain Humble.

Funny if I ask someone,
who claims they know,
they will start asking
me questions
before I know...
they got out their answer,
now it has become
an argument flow.

Someone who knows
reminds me of of the sea witch
Ursula, they will take your voice,
speak your words
like it was their own,
you want to sing your part,
but your voice is silenced
because of their overtone,
but when you finally speak,
they show their true form,
grab you and trap you
in their unknown.

The more you know,
the less you know,
is the saying,
it goes without saying,
as most who claimed they
knew were just regurgitating,
or exaggerating in what
they were claiming.

Don't tell me you know it all
when I ask you stutter like a fool,
being smart is,
but acting smart is not cool.

So what does Hornet know?
I know...
The sky is blue,
love can be true,
lies run the world
because most are
running from truth.

What else?
That those who are rich
get to do very well,
those who are poor,
are more likely to fail
stack money illegally
or stack shelves.

I know I am a good writer
because i have a bag of word tricks,
Don't ask me about politics,
I don't know shit,
but I know enough to know,
that the voters are not moving
up but getting kicked.

Don't ask me about Religion,
God is unknown
to those without vision,
atheist only rely on science,
why they are the worst in opinion.

Be like Dory,
step in what you need
to remember,
stop trying to be like Marlin
think that you're clever,
Dory all the way,
live in the moment
put your memory together.

Funny Most people say
they know it all,
they are the majority who
are asking google;

It's rare most search
for the answer,
but will answer as their
intelligence is
A.I so will never be 3,
but rely on a programme
that can hide when you seek,
I am old school,
the only answer I find
are the ones the dream.

"Know nothing,
you are bound to find something,
know everything,
you're dates will be debates
until like Doctor Strange,
you realise your ego is bluffing"

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  1. bro I love this concept and the truth behind what your saying. its so true because the catch phrase 'i know' can't be elaborated on and therefore kills a conversation that has potential to expand learning about life. through common ground or total indifference.