Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Women... How Many Of You Are Tripping?

"Women walking in heels
higher than they can stand,
in this world they are no longer
lower than a man,
but man, don't try and be a man,
be the divine creature
moulded not from plastic
surgery but the creators hand"

Women, what a subject,
need I cover their
asses or their breast?
Na... but they need to if
they want my respect.

They would say,
"I don't need your respect,
you a broke sucker who rides
on a skateboard deck,
take the E out of your deck
and replace it with an I
then you can ride this
if you have a matching cheque"

But I don't work for the money,
seems if I don't, then will never
get that sweet honey;

Sour most women are,
men are easily replaced,
once you have been used,
she moves to the better car.

Women ask for more
than they want to hear,
they talk in codes
nothing seems clear,
I would rather
Van Gogh myself these days
than give certain women my ear.

I have met women,
who will lure you into sinning,
in the word of games,
"you lose"
if you have a good girl
a nice house and children.

I got a daughter
in this western order,
she's my little lamb,
but most will try and
lure her to the slaughter,
it's a cycle of men getting
old and young girls thinking
older men are cooler;

Far from, why I tell her 
just skate,
forget a date,
these men
pay their bills late,
soon as they get money,
groom girls,
know one wants them,
they're useless,
why do you think they
cannot get a woman their age?

Not to say your spouse
always understands,
when you have responsibility
their are many demands,
some spouse treat you like a
octopus, like you got eight hands,
that could drive a man off the wall
and skate away like vans.

You want me,
then you want him,
he has her saw
who saw him with you,
she actually believed
it was his twin,
the double life leads so many
singing that single jingle,
under the toxic with
a tonic of gin.

I find it funny how a girl will
ask for your advice and help,
you give them that moment,
then come back to you specifically
repeating the same hell,
I wanted to be
your dark night like christian bale,
but women are more riddlers,
enigmas that agitate a mans brain cell.

What is my type?
well she has to be dairy free,
one kiss can trigger an allergy,
no shopping mall trip,
nature hiker
willing to climb a tree,
instead of T.V,
play a game alongside of me,
read books side by side,
some bedtime poetry.

Complements women ignore,
anything seen as a negative,
they engage like a man
on one knee on the floor.

Marriage? No...
Seems women become stubborn
after they get a husband,
bliss on the day of the wedding,
three months later
she wants to divorce him,
death do us part,
but never shared life
from the beginning;

So let me end...
women seem to be
a trend for men,
as long as he can
by her fashion,
he will always be
a financial friend,
will lead to elevation,
so climb the mountain
together and ascend.

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