Thursday, 6 April 2017

Bretix... Bret-tricks

Great Britain left,
they think their right,
this country is now the light;

Dark history,
Most of the political choices
Are more of a mystery,
Who sees them?
You, you and you,
certainly not me.

Who are you?
a city-zion
a place where it's
hard to get along,
the party is getting boring,
all governments
play the same song.

London Bridge is
falling down,
falling down,
my unfair lady,
Teresa may is the the
fire in the bakery.

She burned U.K
into historical text books,
from now on British citizens
will be getting bad looks,
not to say Britain
ever look good,
they are a sports car,
with a bad engine
under the hood;

Driving us into chaos,
no order... 
but the new world,
which thrives off confusion,
as well as keeping
you in their illusion.

The racist are not dismissed,
they add fire to an already
burning bridge,
they talk like they have presence,
but never care about the future
effect on their kids nor their kids. 

Article 50,
2 years to make a deal,
in 2 months can scotland
make an appeal,
or are they forced to stay
under force of U.K's will?

Divide and conquer,
divide... it seems most concur
that less immigration is good
but most NHS staff
are of a european birth,
are trained for high positions
rejected by those from england,
so will the NHS get worse?

12+25 comes up to 10,
meaning a new beginning,
but for British people
a new end, we know less,
but listening to news
who just pretend,
Unfortunately the T.V
is most people's best friend.

Anyone who is real,
Will be written in a will,
left with words that are
made of steel,
if I was wolverine...
let them shoot...
A reason to over-kill,
no applause, just claws,
to those who agree
with the bill.

Divorce papers,
Britain is married
to other players,
monopoly bankers,
international haters...

I can't say more than
I don't know,
but what do you know?

Other than a government flow,
tap water drinking,
why you're not thinking,
thank god I got heart,
Those who know
will relate to this feeling,
I am not a government spy,
now tell me what you're seeing?

Rorschach test,
most are
black and white,
why we they are stuck
on their grey mess,
nothing but pawns
in their game of chess,
why we are forever in check
and when we get that cheque,
who is going to be paying that debt?

"I am from a country,
where I 'm considered as a monkey,
I work for nuts, it's hard to by nuts
with this money,
this is a place not for the good,
but the bad and ugly"

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