Sunday, 30 April 2017

Radical Boulevard, Radical Friend

L.E and R.B,
counting money,
but it was in a desert.

Never look down on our
hands, we were looking
at further lands,
we had a mission,
when we get their
we will execute the plans.

Power in their growth,
sworn brotherhood by oath,
a chalice full of Jordan water,
every success they toast.

Long journeys they travel,
skateboard is their camel,
marlborough is their brand,
in another lifetime they were
brothers in a box playing
in the Sahara sand.

Shy as one,
expressive together,
forever in sync like
a bee to a flower;

We have our own buzz,
you don't need to,
we two understand us,
you can hate
but we understand love.

We train together...
He's my Ryu,
I'm his Ken,
my rival to better my spirit,
learn about myself,
he is one on few who saw,
believed I was gifted,
circuit training
to keep our physical fitness.

Free from judgement,
but not from the one,
we recite philosophy,
passion and poetry,
under the sun.

Who are these two?
a tight crew from
the western view,
with open heart views;

Their meeting was pre destined,
why they remain best friends,
no... more like brothers,
when they are together,
Ideas reach further
than if they were with others.

"You are my Radical friend,
in a world full of cancer,
you keep me free,
we are one and for all it's worth,
I am thankful for our encounter on earth"

1 comment:

  1. Brother Le' this has evoked tears, thank you so much for your incredible words! How you have literally described our journey is beautiful, 'Marlborough was our brand' haha and eggy'ich was our philosphy forever to the dying end.

    I feel untouchable with you by my side my bro and I thank God for putting you in my life which I'm forever in debt to.