Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wedding Journal Journey

Begging to end,
at least the last stop
is a wedding,
my favourite type,
most munch is vegetarian.

My mission?
make sure my lady
gets safe to her destination
as it is basically the last station,
we've been to many weddings,
so far my favourite is Asian.

She baby sits,
I bar sit,
not really I wish,
I assist,
I will get her dish,
wanna drink,
of course,
I will drink a double
as you are on shift.

This is my kind of date,
go far as possible,
a destination can always
alter your fate.

Daughter wants to dance,
shy, I relate, I am that guy,
It's a empty dance floor,
I teach her to jump and slide;

She even gets an approach,
a young girl who wants to help
her mould, get involved
they engage,
play a jump game,
her true self slowly unfolds,
cartwheels and learning how
to move on her toes,
mind the lines,
meditation training follow 
your bodies flows,
Shoulders waist,
yeah throw them elbows.

Cultural wedding,
Indian drums,
get me free-styling,
it's either that
twiddle my thumbs,
so I move my mouth,
coming up with many
metaphors and hums.

It's a rainbow wedding,
colours everywhere,
It's a black
white intervention,
no mono tone,
better come
with colour intention.

I thought dinner was done,
their was a second round,
it's a long journey,
I better make sure I
full before I head home bound.

She's so maternal,
she is always on call
midwife, nothing,
she the first light,
first face the see when
they leave their mothers tunnel;

Now to get back to the tunnel,
train home, I'm in the zone,
wrote this in the moment to let
It be known,
0-17 wedding crashers,
no invited,
soon to be the queen
on my throne.

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