Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Another One... Take Two

"Another one,
take two,
will I ever be free?
bombarded daily
by bombs which
blew every major
western city,
is it karma for all
we have done?
God blessed America,
the queen,
it's clear they got
the devil on their team"

Another story,
governments glory,
people mourn
but don't rebel
by the swarm,
rather get stung
by the media horn;

Doomsday seems normal,
the end is nigh,
apocalypse are on sky,
M.S.N, C.B.S, B.B.C,
death is all over T.V,
why life to most is a mystery,
most act shock to the drama,
Never to understand
the script of history.

Social media
is the worst,
it's like people
show their side
that's their worse,
say they want the best
throw around
the word bless,
yet indulge in this
pre planned curse;

Fuck it's a
Piss take,
Shit I wish we could change the
Assholes who run this state...

This is not a shock,
it seems people
follow a wave,
fear runs society,
especially if you're
a media slave,
chained to links,
that only speak on hate,
Bob Marley said "one love"
so love I will create.

Elders ask "did you hear"
I said "about the fear"
they do this the same
time every other year,
the campaign is very near;

It happens in May,
election time of Teresa May,
I wonder... Oh I wonder...
is this another political game?

At least they don't say
well not direct,
but they use the word
a lot in this subject,
to get into your head,
break your heart,
they did mine when I
knew children were dead.

Children died,
anger was inside,
I want to see the people
who set this up
so I can unleash my
raging demon
and give them
a thousand cries,
triple the pain
for all their lies;

Side note,
respect the sad outcome
of the young victims,
please be in peace,
what makes me more
enraged is we cry for ours,
but ignore the children
in the middle east,
officers in the U.S.A
killing young blacks
in the street.

All I can say is...

Manchester get united,
you are also a great city,
you have two of the best
teams in the premier league...
justice will be served to those
who created set misery.

"We may never
know the truth,
but lets not
let lies confuse,
choice is forced,
but remember,
we can choose"

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