Thursday, 11 May 2017

Good Heart, Bad Energy, Ugly People

can't dampen my
as all I have ever done
still do is enjoy my
right to live,
but it is so hard in a
contractual shift,
once I sign,
they assume they
can take the piss;

Piss off is what they want,
un-necessary war for a man
who just wants to live in peace,
but it seems organisations want
to bring war
like we are in the middle east.

Assistant manger claims
to hear your cries,
but she has the deception
to sympathies with a disguise,
pretend to be truthful,
yet sell you lies,
she acted like she was cool,
lowered her standards,
when a new manager
came on the pay rise,
so bad she turned ugly,
forgot she was good,
man... I mean woman...
what a pointless compromise.

Authority comes
with arrogance,
non compassion,
undermining voice,
so their heart
is made of stone,
authority who just make
figures, no job satisfaction,
you can tell by their tone.

Mixed work place,
no need to discuss race,
but I will, those of my colour
only run one way,
they forget they are
the easy slave,
rule following for
a few more pounds
on their wage,
which means
a few more pounds
on their waist,
waste of time discussing,
eventually they will
know their place.

Children are ignored,
they speak only
when a parent comes,
picking them up from the floor,
then put them back down
as soon as the parents
leave the door,
they return,
missing the bad management
taking it out on those
who are pressured by
managers, who have little time
A reset wage,
who do so much
deserve more.

My job is a definition
of my life's mission,
no doubt my work place don't
understand my mission,
I let the children be and see,
but they seem to want
to impair their vision,
because the are now older
and limited in imagination.

Imagine this,
I work with children,
but the adults act like kids,
parents respect my angle,
but the managers are bent
due to their degrees,
but not knowing their
degrees mean shit,
my methods are unorthodox,
whilst they try
stick to the script.

I am the new way,
they are old play,
I am MP3 they are
a tape, as they record
every move I make,
only call me out when
they feel it's a mistake.

I was hired by a child
of my generation,
she saw all she believed
I proved such manifestation,
as soon as she left,
a new one took over whose trying
to bring back a plantation,
enslave those
who are cooperative
force the rebels
towards resignation.

I never quit,
of course you want it,
but not going to let you win,
that would be a human sin,
you are ugly people,
regardless of the
colour of your skin,
you clearly judge mine,
But you can't see what's within.

I am the change,
but to them I am strange,
they are slave drivers,
I let others
pace in their preferred lane,

This company will,
as they are not
the future,
the children are,
they have the power,
whilst you sit behind
a desk getting fat,
tread carefully
your next meal,
I am the mountain,
they are yet to reach the hill,
as they tumble down like
jack and jill,
I am not angry at this time
as my midwife is on the up,
shows coming up.
at this current time in
my life I'm on over chill.

"LIfe seems like a choice,
but not when you do not
express your voice,
so speak up work jockeys,
let no manager control
your joys and rejoice"

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