Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Live The Fast Life

This is not ready steady cook,
this is ready steady fast,
how many can past
the first mark?
it is common that the first
few days are hard,
but go Mo Farah,
pace yourself
reach the end
with your healthy heart.

Don’t over indulge,
enjoy small bowls
of food that will enhance
your D.N.A codes.

A month without over eating,
finally the body gets
some healing,
it is said food is life
but most indulge in death
with a plate full of red,
it seems green
is not that appealing,
where I live people tend
to eat out of boxes that
smell of the colonels seasoning,
time to kick the habit
young men of M.S.G fiending.

Fasting is medical,
so fast overweight individual,
it will help you lessen your meal,
get you to a weight that is ideal,
it’s more than a yearly ritual,
it is something that will
increase your discipline
it enhances your spiritual.

Your strength and devotion
will be tested by the djinns,
it is they who can distract you
from achieving your Jibrael wings,
such beings have power
to tempt your sins;

Haram is hard to avoid,
temptation lives in the west,
I would only advise you to
Just do your best,
as shaytaan will tempt you
step by step,
avoid all intoxication,
even thoughts of touching flesh,
again this is a challenge,
so don’t feel defeated,
ask Allah make to you
stronger in your head,
as every bad act begins
with a thought, avoid, T.V,
radio and the internet.

I have fasted
through the experience,
greed had lowered,
lust was controlled,
creativity had doubled,
after I could feel the true
intention of my soul;

although I'm not
part of the religion,
their yearly festival
makes me feel whole,
the whole western world
needs to fast as most of their
people are very slow,
but quick to microwave a meal
order one on the couch 
via the apps on their phone.

Fast for god,
why do people find
that odd,
these are just
small lessons
before he corrects us

with his rod.

From sunset to sunrise,
eat berries,
not ketchup and fries,
open your fast
with fruits of truth,
try to avoid animal
tainted in lies,
remain Takwa
praise be upon you
in Allah’s eyes.

"Live the fast life,
be slowed down
by glutton
"the" fast life is hype
this fast life is right
I prescribe"

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