Sunday, 7 May 2017

Reflect In My Depth...

A world of darkness,
I want to shine my light,
and even when I do,
dark entities appear,
separating my day dreams
from my nightmares,
it's hard to sleep at night.

I see in my dreams,
I am living among those
whose time is froze,
wishing they were Elsa,
wanting to "Let it go"

But they hold on
to the same job,
getting time robbed,
working in this economy,
both money and time is lost,
most keep their hands on the cloth
wiping windows for their boss,
not me, time is my keeper,
my hands are off the clock,
rarely on time as I transcend in it,
not descend my head in a watch.

I am a modern day slave,
No privilege,
My work place
wants me in
their time shift,
12 hour with no power,
I'm half of that,
so I can live my full gift.

Curse, "I don't think so"
I have always been home alone,
lost in London,
no doubt I want to go home,
mum where are you?
Africa, Jamaica, Scotland, Saudi,
which one is my zone?
Earth is my territory,
I am wherever I...
oh it's may and I Rome,
I am an E.T on Earth
someone get me my phone.

I see what others see,
then put a bit of make belief,
but with the intention
to make them believe...
they are powerful in their
presence adding power
to my earth story.

Ima write my
own eulogy
as well as leave
my mark in history,
Well... I already did,
one male, one female,
I got the balance
like positive,
I hate negative,
like a mono message
through the stereo,
stereotyped getting
stares from those
that think I'm not their type,
as I type this
I write this with forgiveness.

A flow of good luck,
but someone put up a DAMN,
word to Kendrick Lamar,
I FEEL the album
it puts me In my ELEMENT
like Mike V in his skate session.

Skate philosophy,
with a hip hip mentality,
a poetic tendency,
I am the physical definition
of versatility,
undefined style like ODB.

I put my all in what I do,

I do more than most
want to move,
more than most can even prove,
I am not one for the camera,
just ask locals if you want proof,
had pudding with many elders,
my generation and youth.

Today I have no concept,
I just want to write,
writing relives the stress
even if the sentence is a mess,
someone can clean it up
as they maybe in a
similar mind set,
they think it
I project.

How to end this poem,
at the end of this day,
I helped an O.P move
taught my girl how to skate,
she reflects
I am a good teacher,
funny it is her who made me great,
I will end it by thanking her
as she keeps me in a focus state.

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