Sunday, 21 May 2017

Suspension Reflection

Great weekend,
terrible week,
I felt weak.
but people gave
me strength,
I will not bore
you with the details,
but make this poem
about those who gave
me strength, I will write
one week of gratitude
I hope it make sense.

I get suspended on Friday,
I tell my girlfriend,
in her protective drunken rage
says "just quit"
another girl would want
money over your happiness;

Not my lady,
she supports my crazy,
the reason why she is worth
both my babies,
most women bring men
down like Hades,
Heaven sent,
she Holds me up,
I will see her in the garden
of Eden making love
with my snake under leaves.

To my staff team,
who reassured me that
I am missed,
that the children are in
demand, they want their
ninja leader back,
making pretend phone calls,
wishing I was better;

If only they
knew the truth,
I'm not sick,
but suspended,
but it's not about
the managers,
I am thankful
for the team
I have befriended.

a book reading among
a local community,
activist expression,
I read from my book
like a teacher to a student,
but we were all
learning and laughing;

a little lady even
felt my vibe,
her response to me
lifted this suspended guy,
for that reason
I gave her a surprise,
No kinder, but my book,
I saw the future in her eyes.

To my brother OMeza,
Saturday we went in together,
Got the crowd saying our chants,
Getting them to dance,
I took one glance,
saw we had them in a trance,
after the show, nothing but love,
An O.A.P gave me a hug,
many people said
"thank you very much"
but it is they
who deserve praise,
the reason why
we doubled the energy
on the stage.

So much so,
Sunday was a day
to celebrate,
it's 4am,
I feel great,
I go home to the one
I appreciate,
wait until she awakes
So I can show
her my excited state
in the morning of 8,
we go out for lunch,
the whole family
we take turns to skate;

By this time I forgot
about work
remembered my place,
that it's with the people
not the state,
I thank them for
putting this consistent
smile upon my face.

"When you're down,
Don't feel out,
Go out and share what
You're really about,
People will
cheer you on,
lift you up, 
remind you that
their is love"

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