Thursday, 15 June 2017

Grenfell Eulogy (14/06/2017)

"Fire Oh so warm,
today you brought a storm,
weather so sunny,
but today rain comes
not from the London skies
but from many Londoners eyes,
I wish I saw this coming,
be a spider man
use my intuitive sense
through dreams and neutralize"

14th of June 2017
West London,
Latimer road,
coincidence that
a poor housing estate
got burned down in
a now privatised area code?

Na this is beyond politics,
or is it?
what to believe in
this monopolised script?

They say a fridge
blew it up,
others say which I can
make sense of
the government
lit it up,
safety checks were made,
but it seems their safety
was not enough,
the petition
signers were fighters
no easy pushovers,
THEY knew this fight
would be tough.

THEY... who are THEY?
those in play,
I come from a country
where it was built
still treat most like a slave...
big up the brave?

Muslims are first responders,
as well as fire fighters,
heroes of the late hours,
one with a humane will
to fight devil showers,
the other a religion
who have devoted love
that others hate,
but exercise god's powers;

So to all you
U.K and U.S
the fact these people
help others stay alive
so your opinion
is already dead,
the day you
meet your beast
on his plate will
be your head,
because you never
used your mind so
HELL will be your flames
because you chose
to be on the side
of those who mislead.

12 of August,
chemical explosion Tianjin,
it seems the smokeless form
want their world back,
since "9-11" who is to say
what is lies
what is fact?
the world we don't see
shadow governments,
shadow entities,
is the world returning
old prophecies in new centuries?

I dare not
speculate too much,
events like this leave
my heart crush,
for days most will mourn
for the years others will lust,
but their will be that silent
who are not lambs
who will fight the shepherds
from bush to hammersmith
the council who were unjust.

It seems London
is truly burning
a cleansing is yearning,
not ethnic,
they refer to us as vermin;

Rats in their race,
it's hard to run if you have
not got the same face,
opinions are a waste,
if they were valid,
why wasn't the block
more fire safe,
or sprinklers
on the stair case?

Fire has enraged
this community,
engulfed unity,
today its about
victims and families,
I will focus on peace,
for those who have
survived or otherwise deceased,
justice will be awoken
because the wise never sleep.


  1. As I told you before.. an intense masterpiece.. hats off my friend

  2. As I told you before.. an intense masterpiece.. hats off my friend

  3. As I told you on PD.. a masterpiece.. an intense matchless write.. hats off my friend