Thursday, 29 June 2017

How Much You Mean... Worthy Of A Green

How much you mean to me?

You mean all
the video games in the world,
theirs no buttons I would
rather push than yours girl.

I would swim through lava,
if any demon tried
to hurt my partner,
in crime,
I would take the fall
do the time.

I would challenge any man
if they tried to take your heart,
he may have brawn, 
but he hasn't got the love
which I would fight for
if he tried to break us apart.

I would take the bullet for you,
tell you to run
"I will be right behind you"
knowing you won't believe me,
you would turn around,
Neo and Trinity,
we fight for our love,
the architect would say
"Our love is a strange anomaly"
why if I love you now,
I am going to love you properly,
never treat you like property,
I don't own you,
but with you...
I would build a monopoly.

You mean so much,
thinking of you still
gets my blood to rush,
with you it's
way beyond lust,
I prefer to lye next to you
not lie next to you,
one thing if we broke up
is I would miss your touch;

You make me feel calm
when you rub
that lavender balm,
I feel like know one can
bring me harm,
Le Hornet never
had much luck,
but love you are
my lucky charm.

You mean no definition...
I mean... I can define...
how much you mean to me,
but you mean so much,
I would have to read
a whole dictionary,
I could explain
you for a century,
a proud husband
I would show you off
Akhenaten to Nefertiti.

You mean so much
it's unexplainable,
people would have
to get a sample,
my explanation
is a mere example;

compared to the major impact
you have had on my life, 
love is our music
you are a worthy wife,
dare I pop the question,
only when I know it's right;

and yes their
are sometimes you're right,
why I would rather avoid the fight,
you give me insight,
when you speak I can hear your love,
my anger drowns out
when I look in your eyes.

You mean so much...
That I would sail the sea
knowing I can't swim,
You mean so much...
I would play you at a
game and let you win,

You mean so much...

to me I am going to say
it to you and stop my writing...

1 comment:

  1. A unique and unprecedented tribute to a wife.. how romantic and intense..hoe much love it bears.. I am stunned by your honesty and I appreciate this sort of love that is rare nowadays unfortunately.. you should let her read it.. she will love you double ;))