Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rain On My Brain

It's summer season,
the weather is rain,
is it god's tears
from bombs the west
has dropped on children
in the eastern azures terrain?

Could it be a wash
for all those on the concrete,
a shower for those
living on the street?
or a conversation
among trees
individual leaves
to the divine the speak;

"We need water,
London is polluted,
our bees are misdirected
by radiation, we love you
sun, many of our brothers
have died in forest fires,
we want water
from heavens water shires"

I will never know,
I prefer sun than rain,
but rain more so than snow,
I am a summer child
allergic to the cold,
mid write shout out,
to Mr and Mrs Eskimo.

Rain is music,
I can hear it when it hits
grandmas gutters,
city drains,
restaurant windows
churches glass panes.

Rain is a good for
coffee companies,
but depending on the
company you have
drinking that coffee,
usual mothers matching
the weather with their mood,
"their life's a downpour,
I think I have early menopause"
that's when I pause
take my coffee
out the door,
I would rather hear a conversation
with the clouds
the floor.

Rain helps me write,
I am multi tabbing
between unfinished projects,
the rain helps my thoughts
become synchronized action.

I do not complain in the rain,
I write and reflect,
puddles are my mirror,
the ripples and light reflection
show my true exterior,
I see not the color of my derma,
but a prism ray aura.

Rain rain go away...
No... more like;

Rain rain come and stay,
you make it more fun
when I skate,
power slides,
you make the concrete
become a wave,
get people to stay home
and contemplate,
speak to their life time mate.

They say God is in the rain,
as it get's to the deep
root of the earth,
so it shall to the core
of your problems,
rain disguises cries
from your eyes,
refreshes your clouded mind
so you can have sunny skies,
without water most
organisms don't survive...

rain is a gift,
the sun does uplift.

Work with nature,
don't be a nature hater,
this is my rain poetry
see you when
the rain vapor.

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