Saturday, 24 June 2017

Daughter Birth Dedication

"The day you were born,
I saw a crab in the cloud,
astrological sign cancer,
on the 23rd you pinched
through your mothers womb
a majestic little girl
with beautiful  brown eyes
lit up my heart and the room"

My daughter who is now 9,
Times that by 2,
18 is where you will be
oh how I wish
I could freeze time.

You have grown so enchanting
like your mother,
I am scared for the future,
you know that say...
"behind every beautiful daughter
is a crazy near psycho path father"

please stay young,
keep your innocent tongue,
men will bring
their guilty pleasures,
if that is the case tell them,
better yet just become a nun;

Sister act...
use it as deterrent,
anyways most men just act,
I really cant wait
for your brother to get the 
belt that is black,
he will fight
alongside you,
he will protect you,
he's got your back,
it's a sibling pact
you are wolves of
the same pack.

I have so many
beautiful memories,

When I use to write lyrics,
you saw that as a time to lay on
me and have a sleep,
I was counting bars
whilst you were counting sheep.

At the age of 2,
you done a buggy dive,
undone your strap and thought
you could fly,
hard head like daddy,
that fall scared me
you hardly cried.

The time we went to the studio
when you were 4,
you lay like a cat
found a space
to snooze on the floor,
the pipe burst water
went up your skirt;

These are just a few,
now look at you,
the day you picked up a
skateboard as a father was
my break through,
you were proof,
that girls have the power
to do what a boy can do,
mothers were like that's dangerous,
I went so are getting shots for the flu.

Little lady,
your birth saved me,
I had mixed identity,
having you second was
by nature, no plan, it seems
you were meant to be,
a balance entity,
my angel,
my new life purpose,
you changed your parents destiny.

Your birthday was yesterday,
but all I remember
is your first day,
when I held you in my arms,
your first steps
now you can skate,
you are going
to be great,
I look at you
I restore all my faith,
my blossom tree,
my female energy,
stay sweet and don't
turn 16,
Happy Birthday.

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  1. Great tribute to your daughter.. happy birthday Lucia (the truth).. tell her I love her name :))