Monday, 26 June 2017

Weekend With Family And Friends

was the celebration
of my daughters birth,
23rd her arrival on this earth.

was a artist melt down,
unorganised poetry and music,
I was on the verge
of losing it,
my neighbour wants a salad,
so I go on a skate,
therapeutic chopping
with my son and serve
it to her on the plate,
told me it was not
as good as yesterday,
not enough love,
Miss wright was right,
that day I was
filled with rage.

BBQ invite I saw
before I lay my
head that night,
YES was the reply,
I need to get from my
block and get a better
view of the london sky
SO... Sunday I rise...

Rise to a
renewal and to rekindle,
now to explain the day
in a poetic jingle.

It starts with thy neighbour
and yes thou love her,
she believes I am a saviour,
but she's my image saviour,
renewing my hair, my mood,
listening to my up and coming album
in her DVD player.

After my hair,
I go back upstairs,
to No 41,
not the door number,
but the sleeping midwife,
who delivered a
40th daughter and a 41st son,
YEAH... she met her quota
that target is done.

Then we left,
got on the train,
I was looking at the map,
but a gentle man
with a limp arm,
told me my destination,
many did not want
to sit near him,
but me, I spoke to him
all the way until I
reached my station.

Made it to the other side,
we could not get inside,
but the queen of the BBQ arrived,
man what perfect timing,
it seems we are first,
First to the food,
First to the drink,
First to the seats,
indulging in cocktail treats.

First familiar face was
Sunny D, D for delightful,
he had his newly met,
maybe his newly wed?
she is the balance to his heart
the reasoning in his head.

My opposite,
came back from his gig,
when from entertaining
adults to entertaining kids,
hide and seek, jokes and tricks.

Talking of tricks,
some drunken calisthenics,
I am doing hand stands,
and pattern practice
for my sons Taekwondo,
keeping my young body in flow,
man I am getting old,
I don't want to stiffen up,
my elders warn me about such
when you age and it get's cold,
simple warm downs,
under the influence of alcohol.

My daughter gets a gift,
some skate shoes
a DVD that got lost,
returned again,
both the BBQ King and Queen
are scorpios, thus psychic.

BBQ King's brother enters,
always a pleasure,
he has a fun personality
and a positive outlook
we laugh when we chill together.
He is a barber...
it was Bar-Ber Q
as the King shaves my beard
Feeling good,
but to my lady look weird.

The BBQ king is a host,
we interact for a toast,
cheers to the old school bros,
to old stories
shameless anecdotes,
friends forever,
never to be falling foes;

Rise together,
the night was
good weather,
good friends
I want more
great weekends,
time becomes valuable,
friendship becomes small,
on this sphere planet,
I am glad I got
you lot as my circle.

That would have been a
good poetic ending,
but my end of the night
was a night carriage ordered
from the hostess,
the love and gesture was
most bless, as I am in the cab,
me and the driver interact,
my family all sleeping in the back
a weekend went well and happy
thoughts I awake with,
I hope you enjoyed my poetic rap
and thats a wrap.


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2017

    Lovely people, lovely evening. Thanks for immortalising it in words and being our guests of honour xxx

  2. Sweet time with family.. precious moments.. blessings above to all :)