Wednesday, 26 July 2017

32 Feeling New (2.7..7..1...7)

3 + 2 is 5,
What I would
do to go
back to that age,
Lego building,
paper sword yielding,
Mario fits because
I cannot get to
the next stage.

32 and slowly
becoming new,
my body stays
the same,
but in wisdom
I have grew,
I will not live
this year in
deja vu;

Habits tend
to keep one in loops,
keeping time confused
as you look older due
to indulgence of a
bad diet,

I have become more
observant of my body,
I have seen
my elders wither,
due to the daily
choices they made for

My table will be full
of healthy snacks,
nuts, dates...
no cup cakes,
my guests,
I apologies
for my lack
of sugar
side fats.

Birthday on a weekday,
most will have weak play,
Job before fun,
"Why so serious"
come join me
have some
laughter and rum.

32 years on this planet,
I am thankful
for what she has
help me manage,
Gaia, mama...
you keep me calm,
Juniper in my palm,
Lavender Lavish,
if you can hear me
I will do my best
to reverse this damage,
my children have
already started,
earth is our home,
why I don't let them
take advantage.

The fact I have to work
on my day of earths entry,
I was born 2am,
but this day
I am not free,
but I finish
at the hour of 3,
Straight to Mimi,
to celebrate with
my immediate family;

The on that I created,
not the one
that made me,
feel like
I was not wanted,
no blame ma...
you had P.N.D,
born the same day
as my father,
happy birthday Dad,
I can't stay mad,
I stay glad,
I have a powerful
family tree.

"Happy birthday to me,
Next year I'm 33,
no I don't have a degree,
6 is know as love energy,
may it unlock the
hearts padlock
with a hand as the key"

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