Thursday, 6 July 2017

AMrememBER Appreciation Aria

I had your lips,
Lunch was foreplay...
for dinner when I enter
between your hips,
desert covered when we
end the night with a kiss"

I wrote you a poem
it deleted,
It seems my love,
I was meant to speak it.

It was about appreciation,
how we first met
and all that,
but because of
a clear button
on an app,
I will try
re write it
fill in my memory gap.

Memories of
you and me,
I think I was saying
no woman
can compare to you,
I have spoke to plenty,
it seems they have
a limited view;

Remember that view
in Amsterdam,
where we were quite,
I admired you as you
Admired the land,
thoughts like let me grab
my crabs hand
Water sign you are,
fire I am, you cool me
down when all
goes against my plan.

My South American
Amber stone,
I am thankful your
mum brought you
to London zone,
she brought me princess
to make a queen
on my throne.

I am yours,
I thank you for
putting up with
my floors,
Putting me under
your ceiling,
or I would be sleeping
on a floor,
thank you for
opening the door;

Key to my heart,
Love was not pictured,
because of you I can
paint prose in my art.

Many men say,
"Too much choice
I can't have one girl"
I say
"Mine is divine 
Many will bring you hell"
ladies of lust will suck your
soul slow like a snail,
call you a slime ball
because you left
a slimy trail, no story,
just broken chapters,
because you lived
a fairy tail.

You are one of many,
they say women
come in plenty,
compared to you
most women are empty,
know wonder my friends
say they don't want any,
but nor do I,
I got it all,
to rid of you,
I would be the fool
of the century.

Funny I wrote
last night,
I should have
sent you it then,
I am angry
I will not pretend,
like my love for you,
I know we will
reach the end,
like this poem...
now to copy,
paste and this time
I will send.

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