Monday, 10 July 2017

Camden Locked Down

The Home of
Amy Winehouse,
retro toy shops,
all my spiritual needs
in one place,
incense, crystals,
also a great area to skate,
I needed not to go to
west-end or west-field,
they had everything
in that space,
me and my family have
memories, so although gone,
they will never be erased.

London is the new purge,
it seems the state
is getting worse,
I am just one of the gifted
living in this curse;

I don't want to... BUT

Fucked we are,
people will still go to
work for this shitty state,
ran by sons
of the morning star,
spawns of Lucifer,
my middle name is that
of an archangel if I had
the sword of Michael,
would strike you oh so hard.

Conspiracy theory...
governments are
reptilian beings,
I would compare them
to a dragon who fly's
the night skies,
breathing fire to
cover their lies,
insurance coverage
for the rich, they want
Their land back,
so the poor must demise.

A pattern in this code,
I have not got that
detective mind
but I wander where will
be the next post code,
this goes beyond
the gangs on road,
the fact is they are after you
after you will re build,
whose ready for a riot?
not me unless I got
Captain Americas shield,
with Spider-Mans agility,
the hammer of Thor
I would have to yield.

When I see such an incident,
is it another coincidence?
Camden was a town
under maintenance,
another government mission,
so I guess time was of the essence,
just a hornet suspicion.

Funny I am meant to be lucky
because of my earthly location,
this is a class divided nation,
diverse but race has no relation,
hypocrites are in administration,
I can see why London
is a walking cremation.

I have one boy
one girl,
they think dearly of people,
dear people
I have to get them
out of this hell,
I don't want to do it
going to jail,
I have plans in 
place just in case
they have to bail,
for you my
prince and princess,
I promise THE queen,
being your mum,

I will NOT fail...

Camden is now locked,
one of the keys
to this inferno,
hell has many circles,
London being one,
we must shout 
and break their
walls of Jericho.

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