Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Celibate Composition (Sexicution 1.7)

Celibacy in this century...
I am in practice,
time out from
the mattress,
A mans worst nightmare,
A neighbors
ultimate happiness.

It's not for me,
it's for the wife,
I said
"break away from the pill"
as she wants to breed
one more life,
synthetic estrogen,
making your body
become a walking lie.

I've never been
a man of masturbation
I was always hands
on with video games,
how to beat that hard boss,
not my hard erection,
the feeling of loss would
make me go soft,
metal gear solid snake
got my focus,
my snake when it stood up
got no attention.

I am not even married,
but I may as well be,
taking a vow of abstinence,
power to the people
who devote to celibacy
reclaim back control
their energy.

Now I know women
don't need a man
for the moment,
she needs momentum,
not a on top, roll off,
see you next session,
self control I have learned,
Now I yearn the next time
I enter your heaven.

Dreams are wet,
yet the reality is right
in the bed,
one touch will set...
up my blood and know
I don't want to rush,
if we get to get into the
act, I don't want
it to be a spectacle for lust,
rather a show for love.

My spirit is now lifted,
remember sex is energy
most people are vampiric,
abstinence is the auras garlic,
sex can be healing
or sex can make you sick,
Burn baby burn
if you want his dick;

detect a guy or girl,
before you detect
a S.T.D,
silent killer
like chlamydia
some come loud
like H.I.V.

Still tempted by
the sway of her hips,
but how to get
to know someone?
by the way that they kiss?
yes all senses
start from the lips,
Before you enter
her deep abyss.

I have seen women
bring out the bitches in men,
moaning about a Magdalene,
low price prostitutes
who turn them out
for the most simple sin,
their soul becomes garbage
as they enter her bin,
these men are lost
so will never win;

It starts with wanting
her body parts,
it ends with both
parties breaking
each other's hearts,
playing with 
each other's minds,
trust slowly diminishes
because of temptation binds.

Without the sex,
we have tripled our respect,
doubled the excitement,
if I were single
this poem would not
have the same effect,
why now when
I look at her
I can see why
for me she is perfect.

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