Friday, 28 July 2017

Rambled Rant

London is a dungeon,
U.S is a mess,
Middle East is a victim
to the western beast,
people are war driven,
why earth finds it hard
to know peace.

What is the world?
I don't know,
but it seems
it's hard to trust,
celebrities, politicians,
the system,
from the corrupt police
to the judge.

We vote expecting hope,
In God faith tends
to be misplaced,
as most still argue
the colour of his face,
if the creator is anything,
he is a rainbow in space,
dare you challenge
him about race...
expect to get
rejected from
heavens gate.

It's a strange time
when I write this rhyme,
acid attacks,
scooter stick ups,
are now the dominant crime,
no surprise...
jobs that have prospects
are hard to find,
you can ask
university graduates
who took that mountain
still find it hard to climb.

There is a community
who claims
to be conscious,
they have
enough intelligence
to speak in
the halls of oxford,
but would rather
call each other out
on a couch,
back to back debate,
instead of together
moving forward.

What to like?
A one sentence
Facebook status,
photos of a
mothers cleavage,
in the same picture
it's clear you
see her kids,
she's already got two,
don't make a
third bastard,
because you want
to be a bitch;

Needy for a bone,
after that,
you care less
if he buries
your heart
in a ditch,
too only dig it
back up
when he wants to
satisfy his itch.

super gonorrhea
is on the attack,
like the killer tomatoes,
teens be aware
don't get SPLAT...

The heart is
under pressure,
with U.K as
the biggest measure,
overall it's Europe's
biggest killer,
the heart beats hard
on the chest
like a gorilla,
"free me from your
glutton and greed 
you over
indulging sinner"

I pray for the children,
but the internet
has predators
who prey
on the children,
protected by people
in power,
Pedophiles protected
under mental health
on earth,
but in the there after
they will feel
the devils fire shower.

Someone ask me
am I afraid to die?
My reply...
"I am yet to live,
unleash my gift before
the day I rise"
What of you I ask,
they said,
"I feel like I'm part of
the walking dead,
my routine is zombified,
A resident among evil,
drug dealers,
women beaters,
Who are disguised
in suits and ties"

To sum up,
I love this planet,
hate the country,
I meet beautiful people,
but the owner is ugly,
bees come unto me
Bathe my life with honey.

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