Monday, 17 July 2017

W15 Continue to Gleam...

I wake up to roger rabbit,
It's a pre-performance habit,
his character helps me balance,
serious message, with laughter,
I have the persona of Eddie Valiant.

My girlfriend catching up with sleep,
her 43rd delivery, 
she was born to birth,
cheers to her road in midwifery,
now to walk mine,
man its hard to build this road
of poetry bonded with mystery.

Ten minutes to one is our show,
My main crowd was my family
W15, we had our
Wives for our 15 minute musicality,  
and my best friend R.B,
my mum even represented
and she reps rarely,
my brother skipped work
to see my worth,
my east brothers came down
just to hear my word,
me and my boy were pastors,
the stage being our church.

We get a  great introduction
from the host,
now it's time to start the show,
show time,
equipment failure,
the first act stormed off
because of technical issues
putting off his time,
we come on next
by pass any technical issues,
we're just here to rhyme,
DJ powers adapted with us,
together we mountain climbed.

So we do,
songs of 3,
times that by 5
you have 15,
W15 the dream team,
both from west,
one from W12
and the other W3,
we're messengers
with out a third
or a 33 degree.

We get the outro,
my family are proud,
my cousin and godmother
come from the crowd,
adds on to my smile,
which then parts a cloud,
the sun ray comes out,
wishing my brother
Ray came out...

After the show I get hungry,
a chance to pick food
from a different country,
Nigeria, Joloff rice
with a vegetarian option,
man I'm lucky,
me and my brother
ordered extras spice;

The reason for this is
we were waiting for food
with patience,
greedy people
were served first,
I've fasted so
I am not bothered,
but serving 4 people
before our order...
out of order
why we went to the
Joloff mama to solve my hunger.

After food,
I do a handstand
for a very young fan,
he thought I was cool,
I did not show him all I that I can...
do... one handstands enough
before I throw up
I set a bad example,
one must be calm as a
Caribbean breeze not a
Hawaii volcano as I felt
like I was going to erupt.

after the show
there is a lot of love,
high fives and others
that offer a hug,
their was hate
but it is out weighed
so its easy
to bypass and shrug.

Today was a good rap,
expression, family connection
and with the community we interact,
negative energy I subtract
as I was in a position to learn
and change a personal act,
so we win,
also the same person
who fronted on service
called us back,
offered me an R.B
a free burger
because patience
we did not lack.

Home time celebration,
we pleased our community,
to me they are my nation,
I let them know the meaning
of determination and to the young,
no such thing as limitation.

After I leave,
I play football with
my brother, my son,
and my main G,
W15, we're
like a mini five aside team;

Coordination, we were all in sync,
the day was about feeling,
I had no time to think,
I wish everyday life was like this,
all was thankful,
we painted colours like Spalatoon,
We left our ink,
poetry, performance,
I could say more
but I will leave this as the ending
because grandma
has poured me a drink.

from the crowd to the glass,
I will end this in gratitude,
to all who came thank you,
as the day you made a happy heart.

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