Thursday, 20 July 2017

Walk With Me... Well Poetically.

Hornets Journal,
July 19th 2017 

It's a stormy night,
I am next to a snoring midwife,
I dare not get angry
as this is her life,
I am distracted from
the blue flashes of the sky, 
having earthly thoughts like,
let me fight for her, 
I will be her sacrifice,
her gate keeper,
let me be earths scythe,
be the death
of these bad guys.

I awake in a
groggy state,
no work it looks
like fathers play;

I hear birthday
song sounds,
grandmothers are
the last day pick up, 
they discuss
their handiness,
my daughter grandma
is there too she's in sight,
but I am out of view,
One of  the elderly
is my muse...
she offers health,
a plum, grandson
discards it, eating sweets,
she calls him to go
he looks and
then makes a run;

Run from health they do,
not the fault of the child,
sweets pacify
that sugar cry,
I know my generation
does not try,
Like all generations,
will only change
when someone
close has flied
to the sky.

I go to get my coffee,
my daughter forgets her lunch,
I vent frustration on her,
not her fault,
to her I am sorry,
I know she forgives me,
she can tell by my
skate movement
I am still groggy
as she saw my
cereal get soggy.

My day consist
of promoting
in new ways,
it seems poetry has
become water
I am the wave.

I am not at work;
But I still work,
lifting bags of earth
for my children's mimi,
she insist she pay,
I say no,
she said take it anyway...
it will go back to her daughter,
I'll take her on a mini date.

It was a cool morning
as I see my neighbor,
we discuss all of now,
not what we're
going to do later,
we go shopping,
he bikes back
me on my board,
by nature
I'm a skater.

Back at home...
no work means
I got to work on me,
so I get in the
promoting zone;

keyword... HEALTH,
food and sex,
the things people
question and ignore,
until they no longer
feel pure, but poor,
why I'm here
to keep it raw,
diet or write,
it's my advice against
those with a unhealthy cause...

I realize all
what I challenge,
fights me back,
my girlfriends best friend
has pharmaceutical pills,
I say I will attempt
to eradicate it
with s few
plant based meals;

The day before my cousin
discusses change of habits,
together we're going better
our bodies palace,
but she's half way their,
with motivation
we will make all clear.

All clear is what
I want to hear,
not I have something
that can't disappear,
at least let's reverse
the western meal curse
so you can extend your years
not induce more fears... 

Today was no cliche,
just a personal one to myself
and my daughters play,
which they cancelled
at the last minute,
what a gimmick,
I saw her practice,
she shows drive
that brings me happiness,
now to run a bath
line up my chakras axis.

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