Sunday, 2 July 2017

Weekend... The Weeks Beggining (01/07/2017)

A gratitude weekend,
chilling with my music friends,
so much so,
an unfair fine,
but was fine with me,
this weekend was mine
full of happy
creative energy.

Thursday was...
29th was my girlfriends
celebration, the day of her
earths destination,
it is because she allows
me to be free,
never restricting me,
in my relationship
our boat sails
infinite possibilities
to an island
with no limitations,
thank you go for
putting her in
my constellation.

The next day was friday...
daughter goes
with my mother
to the cinema;

my girlfriend
is recovering,
we go to our sons
earth first musical,
so cool
to see a school
express their love
for their planet,
with a heart
to match it,
the world
needs fixing
it is they that
are the tool.
young ones the
world you shall rule.

Saturday comes,
Yes I get paid,
skateboard therapy,
broke because june,
I spent my pay check
on my princess and queen,
had nothing from the beginning,
new trucks, new wheels,
them Zip Zingers look
beautiful with the fresh
bones reds spinning...

let me take you back
to this days beggining;

I get a call,
I am late for a a course,
not that I remembered,
but they took it cool,
showtime was
also on call,
ready to rock a stage,
a tribut to grenfall
so the set went;

the first track
we got the crowd to react,
showing off our versatility,
we not only offer music,
but also spoken poetry,
I do my piece and Wanda on
a female, you could hear the
passion in her piece,
war she had been through,
but she was their for peace,
it really was no justice no sleep.

We didn't sleep,
we were living the dream,
talking about the nightmare,
it was like a late protest,
music was the banner,
our calm truths,
did stir anger,
we expose the lies,
we all know these
privilege politicians
need more than
a judges hammer.

I am awake at 8,
appreciating yesterday,
I missed the delivery man,
so he does not get paid,
but I get a fine,
but it's all fine,
as I said at the beggining,
I am winning
another weekend was mine.

I got my hair done
my neighbour hears my calls,
I am washing my hair and
she knocks inviting me
to come down,
she beautify me,
having maternal talks,
I brought my
oil essentials,
as my daughter and I
go shopping
with our skateboards;

We return home,
cook some food,
reflect and carry on
yesterdays mood,
I am appreciative
of where all is now
a poetic herbal shout out
to passion flower
valerian root,
now to sleep
smile for the week,
thanks for the read my reader,
peace, love and my salute.

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