Friday, 4 August 2017

Body Expense

What have I done,
how am I going to
tell my girlfriend,
I spent £90 on my body,
It is said spending on health is
daylight robbery,
but spending time in daylight
overeating is just straight
daylight slobbery.

I mean she can benefit too,
I have spent the last of our
pay cheque and some of
these pills relives stress,
Passion flower helps you sleep
more than that hour,
mixed with Valerian root
man that's a lot of dream power.

Baptized in royal jelly,
the name of my track,
humble bumblebee,
Not the ones on the attack,
Natures mother
in the form of body butter
made from the queen,
her golden wax.

I brought them essential oils,
most just want that sunflower,
chips of roses,
bring her a bucket of KFC
and Hennessy,
don't come with that
clary sage, oh so sweet,
No horny goat weed,
just hormones that get
you horny via that meat,
I call it sex and grease.

Why did I have
to by all them pills?
1. I paid all my bills,
2. I must digestive multiple vitamins,
it's a fast life you know the deal,
fast intake, not constant takeout meals.
3. Free my body from free radicals.

Spend on defense,
Get fat and attacked...
Wait that's harsh,
even the skinny man is at harm,
Fats don't discriminate,
bad food is bad food regardless
of your weight,
the way you eat decided your fate.

£90 though...
theirs 4 in my family,
that's not so much,
salt for my daughters skin,
remedies for my teenage son,
who is a introvert,
don't talk,
I know the path you walk,
I will buy to set example,
take care of your body,
as you only got one.

I know my lady won't be mad,
when she gets paid,
instant tag,
just word poking,
like a Facebook friend,
I face look friend
and I can't pretend;

your lifestyle isn't
destroying you,
if I die it will be
broccoli stalk choking,
veggie for life
I eat to live
not anything death
to die.

But £90,
you know what they say,
health is wealth,
I go to my local market
or whole foods,
if I was rich,
by the whole shelf,
higher the price,
closer to heaven,
either that or put
my body through hell.

"Health talk,
take a healthy walk,
not just to the
kitchen for pork
on the devils fork,
Health talk,
just take a walk,
in natures path,
pick fruit from her trees,
trees are life and their
offerings will help you last"

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